Friday, December 2, 2011

"Slaves of the Republic" Review

While this episode started out slow it carried echos of Luke's plan, in ROTJ, to free the carbon frozen Han from Jabba's palace. I like how the Jedi had their lightsabers concealed in R2. It was a nice homage to the final episode of the Star Wars Saga. 

The Zygerrian culture, with its slave markets and alpha predator mentality, reminds me of the Egyptian and Persian empires both of which thrived on slave labor. The Zygerrian queen reminded me of the Biblical feminine fatal Delilah who seduced the mighty Samson. In fact her Zygerrian counterpart did much the same thing to Anakin.

By the end of this episode the stakes had been raised and our hero, Anakin, was caught in a conundrum. With Obi-Wan and Ahsoka practically slaves he's forced to be the queen's bodyguard; and if he doesn't comply it's his friends who will pay.
I liked seeing Ahsoka Force nudge her soon to be slave master over the edge, however, once he reclaimed himself he activated a shock collar around her neck. Not a pretty sight.

I really liked Ahsoka's slave outfit of flowing blue silks and semi-precious stones. Her small head-dress dress was also a very elegant piece.

The Zygerrians used what appeared to be lightwhips. I don't think these were necessarily that. I, personally, think the whip part was made of conductive nanofiber that could rapidly retreat into the small handle.  

In all it was a good episode. The only downside is now we have to wait a whole five weeks for the rest of this arc and the next episode. So . . . Until then.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ahsoka's Slave Outfit

In next week's episode Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka sneak in the Zygerrian capitol. Ahsoka, in particular, girds herself in slave gear. This is more modest then her rather revealing slave gear from the comic which this episode was based on.

I'm very fond of her outfit with its light silks and flowing form even if it does expose her midriff. It has a very Egyptian or Persian feel.

Just a thought: What if it's not slave gear and instead she's posing as a captured princess.

More on this topic in my up and coming review for "Slaves of the Republic".

I'm not the only one expressing my opinion about Ahsoka's new slave gear. For Savanna's opinion check out Lightsabers, Pandas, oh my!

Friday, November 25, 2011

"Kidnapped" Review

This was an awesome episode with high suspense moments and plenty of action; a true masterpiece even if it was based in a comic.

I've never seen so many Togruta at once and the Zygerrian slaver, Denar, Looked like a cross between the Hollywood werewolf and his accent reminded me of one Count Dracula. Denar's deadly pets seemed to re-enforcer his image as a classic archetypal villain. That and his little pet bird, in place of the cat, added a nice touch to the whole thing.

For the first time in the series we get to see Obi-Wan's hair actually move. Until now it's been nicely stationary since Season 1. And his fight with Denar in the central tower was a brutal hand-to-hand one.  The way they inter-cut between Obi-Wan and Anakin was masterfully done and made the episode that much better. (Just wish they'd done something like that back during "Shadow Warrior".)
On a side note: the tower resembled fully matured Togruta morals which they use for limited echolocation.

Denar gave mention to the Zygerrian slave empire of old. I'm not to familiar with this chapter of Galactic history but, from the episode, I get the gist of it all. 

Anakin's brash, almost Sith like, actions gave hint to his dark future as he confronted the slaver. And his Padawan, Ahsoka, held well against the droid onslaught and proved herself once again to be a mighty warrior.

In all it was an awesome episode with spectacular animation and masterful editing and I can't wait for next week's adventure!

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Carnage of Krell" Review

What an epic conclusion to this awesome four part arc. This was by far the best episode of this arc. Rex's confrontation of the General bore echos of Windu's confrontation of Palpatine in ROTS.

This episode was dark both in story and in setting and the shear anticipation made it even better. This episode was shaded with hints of the sinister Order 66.

I really don't have a whole lot to say about this episode. Not because it wasn't good but rather because it left me speechless. It was just AWESOME!

Until next time . . .  

Friday, November 4, 2011

"The General" Review

Like "Darkness of Umbara" before it "The General" was an action packed episode full of tensions between Rex and Krell. This was a truly spectacular episode full of mind blowing epic explosions and enough action to satisfy any Star Wars fan.

The giant centipede like tanks and walkers used against the clones were true feats of engineering sporting an array of multiple cannons that cover the battlefield at a full 360 degree angle. From start to finish there was nothing but all out action and explosions. And in the middle of this conflict they were able to so friction between Rex and Krell.

I was a bit surprised when clone trooper Appo made a brief appearance. There were some awesome shots in this episode; my favorite being when the camera closed in on Krell's eye with the reflection of flames burning in the iris before transitioning to the next scene.
The episode had good resolve leaving the physical battle won but the war between Krell and Rex long from over.

I thought the interface between Fives and Hard Case, when they were sneaking into the base, lightened the overall tension o the episode a bit. In all this is my favorite episode in this arc and I can't wait until next week's episode which has the potential to top this one threefold.

Until next week . . .  

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Darkness of Umbara" Review

This was an awesome episode that pitted clone troopers, not against cheap run-of-the-mill battle droids, but against alive organic beings. And the Umbaraian's features seemed eerily human which added a certain darkness to the episode.

General Krell, the Jedi who took Anakin's place after he was called back to Coruscant, very much reminded me of one General George S. Patton, a decorated general of the Second World War. The main  personal conflicts were between Rex and Krell; this was awesome as it gave us a break from the predictable actions and reactions we're used to between Anakin and Rex. While the plot-line itself wasn't all that dark it felt more alien then previous episodes.  

The eerie darkness of Umbara gave this episode a very dark feel and the native's weapons bore a very outlandish and alien appearance almost like the Covenant weapons from the Halo universe.

This episode also saw the introduction of some new clones, one in particular being Dogma, and we also got a cameo from Oddball. This episode's main focus was on the relationship between the Jedi and their clone commanders and captains and how the various chemistry of their relationships can change with substituting different individuals.

This episode felt a little like "Landing at point Rain" but set on another planet.   

The camera angles in the opening battle were the only thing I had a problem with; they were to spread out and not in the heat of it all. But other then that the episode was AWESOME! So far we haven't met a commander or general for the natives and we might in a later episode in this arc.

On an action-to-visuals ratio this episode scored high and the same goes for character conflicts. As of yet there isn't much at stake for the characters but like everything else that could change. In all this episode is by far the best this Season and I can't wait to watch the other three in this arc. Until next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shadow Warrior Review

While lacking any truly climatic battles this episode also wasn't overbearing on the politics either. In all, a good compromise for both.

Jar-Jar has been toned down lately and his role in this episode wasn't as exaggerated as it was in, say, "Bombad Jedi" and "Gungan General". The plot was very dark and Jar-Jar's comic relief was used sparingly.

This episode was, I thought, full of references and motifs to "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones", but more of the former. And the Gungans' fight with Grievous was well done, and the rain added a nice foreboding feel to the conflict. Tarpal's sacrifice in the ensuing fight only added more weight to the episode.

The prisoner trade off of Grievous and Anakin, while not completely defying established canon, came very close to doing so.   

I though Rish Loo's role was cliche, being the manipulating adviser and all, and like all minor minions under the Sith met his end at Dooku's blade. The fact that Jar-Jar, a klutz, had to fill in for his people's Boss leader spelled an interesting story from the start.

As for the animation, the smoking orbs in Rish's office added a very sinister effect to the room and the same can be said for the hovering lamps in the adviser's secret lab.  The final fight between Anakin and Dooku seemed to hark back to their duel in "Attack of the Clones" where Anakin lost his arm to the Sith. And Dooku's remark; "The Sith control everything. You just don't know it." mirrored his conversation with Obi-Wan back in Episode II.

In all it was a good episode. As I said before it felt like "The Phantom Menace". Hopefully later in this Season there will be an episode, or series of episodes, with a more "Revenge of the Sith" feel.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prisoners Review

I'm very pleased with the resolve and how this episode wrapped up last week's premiere.

I liked how the tension what built and sustained here, although I felt that there could have been a little more build up to the final battle. And speaking of battles . . .

Riff Tamson's death at the hand of Prince Lee-Char was by far one of the best I've seen thus far and made for a fitting climax.

Our primary cast of Anakin, Padm`e, Fisto, and Ahsoka were rather secondary, and the story mainly focused on Lee-Char's development into the future ruler of Mon Cal. There was one small humorous moment with Jar-Jar during the torture scenes which really lightened up the increasing tension.

The resounding message though out this arc is one of coming of age and taking up a larger mantle of responsibility, very similar to last Season's finale with Ahsoka. I hope to see the young prince again sometime, if not this Season the next.

I caught small references to the Bible story of Moses and the Original Trilogy; the latter being Riff's altering of deals and the former being the young prince asking Tamson to free his people.

As always the animation was nothing short of spectacular and the general underwater feel added a certain weighty feel to the episode which played along with the growing tension.  The only thing I had a problem with was the way, rather the lack of, Jar-Jar's spit moved though the underwater environment.

The fact that Anakin, Padm`e, and Ahsoka's air-tanks seemed to told in infinite supply of oxygen struck me as being a little odd.

I can't wait for next week's episode and I'm sure we, the fans, won't be disappointed. Until next time.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Water Wars/Gungan Attack Review

I must say, the Season premiere exceeded my expectations one-hundred fold. The plotting for these episodes was very well though out and there was plenty of action.  
Prior to the Season premiere I was under impression that these episodes would be nothing more then a clever re-telling of the Season Three premiere "Clone Cadets" And "Arc Troopers" set on Mon Cal rather then Kamino. I was wrong. 
Riff, a Separatist commander, was an awesome antagonist made up of raw power and rage, say the wrong thing and he'd eat you up (literally). 

The animation, as always, was breath-taking and the way the character's movements were prolonged and exaggerated recreated an organic underwater feeling which I'm very pleased with. The Clone Wars production team has taken what they learned in "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt" and improved upon it to make something even more grand.  One of the only things that I thought could use a little improvement was the way Fisto's tentacles moved with the underwater currents, they always seemed to be suspended above his back simmering like seaweed. Also, the fact that the Qurren and Mon Calamari communicated vocally in their underwater environment seemed a little strange to me, then again this is George Lucas's universe and he can do whatever he wants with it.

Ahsoka Tano played a large role in this episode acting as a mentor for the Mon Cal prince. I'm impressed with how much she's maturing and passing her wisdom on to others. The student has become the master you might say, although Everyone's Favorite Padawan still has a lot to learn. Her scuba-gear, along with Anakin's, was awesome. And Master Kit Fisto and his signature pearly grin only completed the group of heroic Jedi.  

And who could forget Admiral (well . . Captain) Ackbar? While they didn't included that all to iconic line of his "It's a trap!" they did settle for a substitute that fit well into the episode: "It's an attack."

The Hydroid Madusas, giant cybernetic jellyfish creatures from Riff's home-world, were truly menacing weapons against the Jedi and Mon Calamari with their highly conductive tentacles and eerie silent movement.

The climatic battles between our heroes and the menacing Riff which ensued within the the swirling mechanical tentacles of the Trident droid ships was a truly artistic moment. Among the whirling currents of underwater cyclones created the perfect environment in which several tension filled fights proceeded.      

These episodes not only supplied a great amount of action, they also had great morals at their core which backed up the the fighting and gave it substance. Tension was built from the first scene and was sustained, and amplified, though the course of both episodes with masterful brilliance. These episodes may surpass "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt" as my favorite episodes. And the cliffhanger ending was perfect. After seeing the preview for the next episode "Prisoners" I'm pumped up for whatever Dave and crew have in store for us. And this is just the beginning! Until next time.    

Monday, July 18, 2011

Innocent Ideas

The sun's bright rays poured into the boy's room through the closed shades in slanted beams,
as he laded there on his bed and listened plaintively to the steady tick-tick of the old clock in the next room.
He looked around at the small treasures that he'd accumulated in his room. Well. They were treasures to him, but his mother preferred to think of it as junk. There was an assortment of plastic spaceships on his nightstand along with a few action figures. Among them was a space traveler who went by the name Buck Rogers.
Tick-tick. Went the clock.
He rubbed his palms together until the secreted sticky sweat. When will it be time? He asked himself.
To pass the time he pulled out his favorite flashlight and began to wave it about in no particular fashion, then he looked to the beams of light coming through his shades. What if . . .  He thought. What if my flashlight was a kind of sword that you could turn on and off? He thought, the idea was an intriguing one which caused a whole field of ideas to spring up in his mind. Along with a universe of questions. Questions he'd have to answer, if he wanted to.
He looked to Buck Rogers and thought; What if you were a wanted smuggler?
An abrupt pounding on his door suddenly pulled him out of his imagination followed by an all to familiar voice that said; "George honey. Your Father's here to take you to the races now. Get ready."
Finally! He thought and scurried to the closet.
"Be there in a minute Mom." He called back.

"Sir. Sir?" The man's voiced called. George opened his eyes to see the face of his young secretary. "Yes?" he said in a somewhat choked up voice stretching a little in the leather chair in his office. He looked out the wide window a moment to to see a sprawling city stretching out to the horizon, or so it seemed. He turned back to his secretary who said; "The contract has arrived, they'd like you to sign now." The young man pulled out a clipboard with several sheets of paper. Sitting up he took this, finally after briefly scrolling though the text full of First Party, Second Party agreements he found the blank line at the bottom of the page destined for his name.
The secretary reached for the ballpoint pen in his shirt pocket only to be stopped short.
"I've got this." The elder man ensured as he pulled out a ballpoint pen of his own and scribbled his first and last name onto the paper.
A much more elegant weapon, for a more civilized age. He thought as he added the final curve to the S followed by a period. He gave his name, his title, one last look before handing the clipboard back. "Thank you." The young man said as he marched out admiring the name of his superior. George Lucas. it read.
George couldn't help but smile as he watched the man leave the lavished room and thought, Much to learn you still have.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Star Wars: The Great Myth, Second Edition

        As requested, here's my second edition of Star Wars: The Great Myth.
Let's begin, shall we.

Samurai Jack and Jedi Joe: 

Star Wars  would be nothing without the Jedi; this fictional Order's origins lay in both the Samurai and the Knights Templar.
The Knights Templar, or the Poor Knights of Christ, played a major role in the Crusades (much like the Jedi in the Clone Wars). And their Code is similar to the Jedi's in some ways.
And the standard dress for the Jedi is mostly influenced by Japanese robes.

Also; the lightsaber fighting styles seen in the OT were based off of Kendo, meaning "Way of the Sword". Many fans will recognize this as "lightsaber tapping" as seen in Obi-Wan's final duel with Darth Vader on the Death Star.

Sterling Submachine gun.
"Grease those Rebels!":

 The droid E-5 blasters share characteristics with the M-3 submachine gun, also called the "Grease Gun" and "The Greaser". It was used by American soldiers in World War II. This 45 caliber weapon was made to offset the cost of the more expensive Thomson submachine gun commonly referred to as the "Tommy Gun".

M-3 submachine gun.
The classic E-11 blaster used by stormtroopers in the OT is based off of the British Sterling submachine gun. The British General Staff began using this weapon in 1944.

Use the Force: 

The idea of a binding energy has been in Japan for centuries, and it is the basis for all there marshal arts. In fact, many of the Jedi ideals have their roots in ancient Japanese legend.
Modern research is showing that every living thing emits an unseen energy. And even emotions could be considered "energies".


That's all folks. If you have any suggestions for other Star Wars parallels that you'd like to see you can post them on my Facebook page.   Until next time my the Force be with you!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Star Wars: The Great Myth

         The Star Wars Saga is everywhere, and it's become integrated into our culture. It is, quiet simply, a modern myth; just like the Greek, Roman, and Norse myths of old.
George Lucas has based many of his concepts off of ancient and well rooted ideas that have become a part of our being.
 Luke's hero's journey is the most well know of these. And his father's spiritual decay and submission to the dark side carries undertones of ancient myths.

You reap what you sow; Lucas sowed his inspiration from myths and legends, thus creating one himself.

So without further ado let me show you some examples of how Lucas based his legendary Saga off of ancient myths.

The Chosen One: 

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post Anakin is similar to David from the Bible. And really the similarities run very deep. David was the king of Israel chosen by God, while Anakin was the Chosen One said to bring balance to the Force.

David and Goliath  
Anakin might also be compared to Jesus Christ. And Shmi, his mother, to his mother Marry. Both were virgins.

I might also add that Anakin in Sanskrit (Asian) means warrior, a fitting title considering his role in the Clone Wars. It may have also been derived from Anakim a race of giants found in the Old Testament of the Bible. For a more in depth look at the origin of this classic character's name read Wookieepedia.  

One very notable difference between Anakin and his biblical counterpart is this: David ruled his kingdom in peace and ended all the wars, leaving virtually no fighting for his future heir. As opposed to Anakin who seemed to live off the energies of war.

A friend of mine interpreted the ancient prophecy of the Chosen One in a very interesting way; he said that Anakin did in fact bring balance to the Force when he massacred the Jedi in ROTS. Because once the Jedi were extinct there were no longer any opposing ideas, or ideals, about how the Force worked, so there was a kind of balance you might say.

Lightsabers and Lightning:

 "An elegant weapon for a more civilized age." Is how the aged Jedi Master Obi-Wan described the lightsaber to young Luke in A New Hope. This classic weapon ,unique to Star Wars, could be based off god the Greek god Zeus's favorite weapon; the lightning bolt.

Zeus supposedly fought his children in many epic duels with this weapon.

I also find the lightsaber comparable to the Japanese katana used by the ancient Samurai. Both weapons can cut through almost everything with exceptional ease, both were handcrafted, and both were used by skilled swordsmen of legendary Orders.

Roger, roger:  

The Separatist Droid Army may have its bases in the Immortals; the infantry force for the Persian Empire. These men used shields and spears and wore armor no thicker then a playing card.
The concept was to continually throw these men at the enemy, every time one fell two more took his place. This was kept up until the enemy was tired out and could no longer fight.

We see this same strategy used during the Clone Wars, but with
droids rather then men.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Future that Never Was

The pungent smell of sulfur filled his nose; blood, sweat, tears, and pain stung his eyes; his mind became a jumble and he couldn't concentrate, he was angry, angry at everything. He looked up and saw the figure of Obi-Wan standing over him, then he realized he was laying on his stomach on a bed of hard volcanic rock.
He reached out, only to come to the realization that he had no arms or legs, only a  robotic hand.
"You were the Chosen One." The Jedi said to him, conviction filled his voice. "You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them." he continued; "You were my brother Anakin." With that he bent down and picked up his former comrade's lightsaber. Fire and rage consumed Anakin there as he cried out in agony.

Suddenly he breathed, and sat up. The scars from the fire were gone, it was just a dream. He stood and looked around. Birds sang their songs outside in the lush foliage. He was in a large room, a great window filtered in dazzling sunlight from the outside. Perplexed, he looked out it to see a large lake shining in the sun like a thousand finely polished diamonds, and lush green hills rose around the lake. Is this real? He asked himself; the answer like a shadow in his mind.
He placed his hands on the masonry of the window-sill, it seemed real enough.
"Honey, are you ok?" came the song of a voice behind him, he turned. It was Padm`e, and her face shone like a young star.
He embraced her, the events of his nightmare were still so real and fresh in his mind, he wanted to apologize to her; but her face said it was unneeded. Besides, what had he really done?

"The children are waiting for you." She said.
"Children?" He echoed.
"Yes, Luke and Leia. They're waiting for you. You promised to spend some time with them today."
"I--I did?" He said taken aback.
He placed a hand on his forehead.
"Are you alright?" she asked with a note of concern.
"I'm fine." was his reply.

With that he left the room, which was a bedroom. He came to a larger family-room. There, two small children, a boy and a girl, sat playing on the floor. Both looked about twelve years old.

"Aren't they beautiful." Padm`e said coming up behind him.
He turned and met her face once again, this was perfect, almost to perfect.

He looked again, the children seemed further away then before; maybe it way just his eyes. then he looked to his wife, she to seemed to be fading.
Suddenly his eyes burnt with fire, and a rage consumed him. The lakeside house, Padm`e, the children all vanished into total darkness. He was alone.

And then he remembered, remembered what he wanted to forget, Padm`e's agonized face as he assaulted her with the Force. Remembered the innocent younglings, who'd  never done anything to offend him, remembered the cries of all those he slew.
As quickly as it had begun there was suddenly silence. He breathed heavily, and then from all around him came a foreboding respiratory-assisted breathing.

Darth Vader awoke from his deep sleep and his arms and legs were numb as always. He sat there in the silence alone with his thoughts. What have I become?  He asked himself; the answer a shadow in his mind . . .

                                                          -THE END-

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like a Father

The sound of the ship's seasoned thrusters was a comforting sound, its steady drone filled the Jedi's cabin as he sat on his small bed, deep in thought.
The Kel-Dor 's thoughts dwelled not on his destination, nor the expendable lives of his troops, and their sacrifice to the war effort. Instead they lingered on her, the one he was proud to call daughter.
Ahsoka Tano, a strong young fourteen year old Togruta Padawan, had become the focal point of his thoughts whenever he was alone.
He'd seen her grow over the years, in both strength and beauty; true, whenever he saw her a father's pride would well inside of him.

He thought of her know, and her safety.
He closed his goggled eyes and let his mind drift back to their first meeting.

He was back in the fields of Shili, her home-world, he could smell the grass and feel the wind on his face. Then, a sudden awareness of another Force-sensitive, and finally the discovery of the little girl.

He smiled under his breath-mask at the thought of her innocent face.

I wonder if he's thinking about me know? She thought as she laid on the hard bed in the center of her small cubical, it had become a puerperal prison with her Master away in some distant part of the Galaxy.
Know she laid there and gazed lazily at the ceiling, imagining it was invisible she drifted deep into thought.
She drifted back to her first thoughts; and all she could see was Plo's face looking back at her. True, many a Jedi could not determine the Jedi's mood via expression; it being hidden beneath his breath mask and goggles. She, however, was one of the few who knew which expression he wore.
Know he was smiling, she smiled back, no one saw her, alone with her thoughts.
A sense of gratitude welled inside her chest; if not for Master Plo where might she be now? She shuddered at the thought.
Father, Papa, Daddy. She'd never called him that out loud but it was how she felt about him in her heart. "Come home Daddy, come home." she whispered to herself.

I love you. He'd never told that to his Little-soka, but he wanted to, it felt awkward, was that wrong? Still he contemplated; did she know how much he loved her? It bothered him; such words were uncommon in the Temple. He reached out to the Force.

Ahsoka closed her eyes and let her spirit drift away. And it traveled past stars and through a nebula until it came to a star-ship, she went inside.
She could see though all the walls.
Plo felt his daughter's presence on the ship, and it was sweet and comforting.

I miss you so much. Plo heard, as much as felt, her say to him; he replied; I miss you to. 
For a moment they could almost see each other's faces.
The door hissed open.

"Sir."  came the voice of a clone officer dressed in standard gray uniform, the connection was gone. The crewman continued; "We've emerged from hyperspace sir, you're wanted on the bridge."
with that Plo rose to his feet, Duty calls. He thought as he left the small room behind . . . .

                                                   -THE END-

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy: Why we Need them Both.

It is often disputed among us fans which of the two Trilogies is better. Some say the Prequel Trilogy (TPM, AOTC, and ROTS), and others say the Original Trilogy (ANH, ESB, and ROTJ).
In my opinion they're both great in their own sense. As I've mentioned in my last post, my favorite episodes are ROTS and ESB.

Think about this: If we didn't have the Prequels the Original Trilogy wouldn't exist, and vise versa. I am going to discuss both Trilogies, and what they contribute, and why they ultimately need each other.

The Prequel Trilogy: 

I really enjoyed this half of the Saga, especially TPM and AOTC, and believe it or not, I really enjoyed the bumbling Jar-Jar in Episode I.
It was only until I saw ROTS, and the end of AOTC, that I began to question Anakin and his loyally to the Jedi.
The things that are set in motion here in the Prequels plant the seeds for events in the Originals.
Two of the most touching scenes here where Anakin saying goodbye to his Mother as he leaves with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan for his new life in the Jedi Temple; and Padm`e's death.
The three intertwining tales told are, for the most part, are lighthearted and fun.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

This was the very first episode I saw, it introduced me to all the fantastic aliens and planets.
I've heard it said that this episode is like a fairy-tale. It is in a sense. If you think about it. Here we were introduced to Anakin in his purist form; untainted by pain or deceit.
TPM is a fun story, and a great start to the Saga.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

If anything, AOTC is a sad love story. A little slow for my tastes but still epic.
Some of the best music came out of this episode, and it was all spectacular.
Shmi's unfortunate death was a very heart-felt moment, and a focal point in Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader. If scares had been healed here Anakin might not have fallen.
Aside from Anakin and his internal troubles the treat of a Droid Army gave this episode a nice feel of suspense. This episode was very character driven, and breath-taking. As in the last episode politics played a major role in this episode.

Clone Wars movie

While not strictly part of the Saga, I still feel it's worth mentioning. This is a very unique piece; in terms of story and characters.
Ahsoka's introduction I found very pleasing, and her role here, and in the proceeding series, is a very important one as far as I'm concerned.
There were several epic battle; and many duels between our heroes and Sidious's pawns, all were very well done.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Of all the episodes ROTS is by far one of the saddest and most dramatic episodes in the entire Saga. It has an engaging plot, intricate characters, internal and external conflicts; this is what makes a story not just good, but epic. Seeing, for the first time, the former Anakin ignite his lightsaber in the chamber with the younglings sent a chill down my spine. And to hear Palpatine's words; "Execute Order 66."  was a moment that wouldn't soon be forgotten.
The downward spiral of the plot has a certain gravity to it that cannot be replicated or copied; this is by far one of Lucas's best works ever.

The Original Trilogy:

The OT has a  certain "retro" feel about it that the Prequels don't have. But that's because they were made back in the 70s and 80s.
Fact: The Battle Star Galactica series started airing in 1978; exactly one year after A New Hope was released.  The series mimicked much of its special effects from Star Wars. Anyway.
I love the OT as much as the Prequels.

Episode IV: A New Hope

For many fans ANH was their introduction to the Star Wars universe. Obi-Wan (Ben's) famous line; "That's no moon." comes to mind whenever it is mentioned. This is classic Star Wars. In its day I'm sure, and still today, this episode is a jewel.

Episode V: (The) Empire Strikes Back 

The Hoth battle, Luke's duel with Vader in Bespin's Cloud City; and that classic line: "No Luke, I am you Father." are all in this episode. Here, in my opinion, we see Luke, Leia, Han, and Chiewe at their best. ESB, for me, stands toe-to-toe with ROTS in terms of drama, action, plot, and characters.
There is a slow building of tension that starts once the Imperial spy probe lands on Hoth, and doesn't dissipate until the very end.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The Battle over Endor, Ewoks vs.stormtroopers, ech. As with ESB tension is built up in this episode until the very end. And any seasoned fan will say; "It's a trap!!" along with Ackbar. Here the final redemption of Vader plays out along with Emperor Palpatine's first demise (yes you heard me right).
In all this was an epic conclusion to the Saga.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Thoughts on the EU and the Star Wars Saga.

Star Wars. Seems like only recently that was a vague term referring to a Galaxy far, far away. It wasn't mentioned much, and I only ever heard lightly of a Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, and a Dark Vader; those terms never meant much to me, and I never fully understood them.
I recall being at a friend's house and hearing them talk about an Episode II, and how the worms crawled all over the queen. That was really it--until that day happened.

By brothers and me were at a friend's house, and their son asked if we'd seen Star Wars yet, and we answered no. That night we watched The Phantom Menace (TPM), and Attack of the Clones (AOTC).
Well, those two episodes explained a lot to me about the Star Wars universe, but I was thirsty for more. I recall finding the blue skinned Twe'lk people intriguing, and they stuck out to me the most among all the others; and they remain one of my favorite aliens.

Sometime later, still being in total suspense to find out how the last two episodes I'd seen would play out, we rented Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) from Blockbuster and watched it that night.
 I had know I idea what to expect, and I was blown away. Things quickly went from bad to worse as I rode the emotional rollercoster of ROTS. (The only other time I experienced such a rush of emotion was when I watched Weapons Factory for the first time on CN.)
After all that things started to click, I understood who Darth Vader was, and how Luke came to play in the story. Finally, I knew! Over time I was introduced to the Original Trilogy, and now I've seen them all.
Most recently I've seen the Clone Wars Movie, and every episode in the new Clone Wars series. For me, watching the Clone Wars Movie in theaters on opening day was my way of making up for not watching the films in theaters.

But it wasn't enough; I read the Star Wars guides to purge ignorance from my mind, it worked too. Little details, like the how thermal-detonators work, and the details of Dug society, I began to understand every aspect of the universe and its many technologies. After that I continued to grow, I spent a lot of time on once the Clone Wars movie and series kicked off.

Here I am know; a Star Wars fan and proud of it. My favorite Star Wars films are (The) Empire Strikes Back (ESB) and ROTS, with the others falling somewhere in-between. I don't view the Original Trilogy (OT) as being superior to the New Trilogy (also called the Prequel Trilogy) or vice versa: one cannot survive without the other.

I want to discuss the many differences the Expanded Universe (EU) and the Star Wars films, and TV series have, and how effective each is in getting its, message across.

But first of all: What is the EU?

The EU is a vast collection of short stories and comic-books, not written by Lucas. These span the entire Saga. Many of them fill in tiny holes in-between the films, and even expand beyond them.
I myself haven't read much of the EU; only a few books. There are instances, or anomalies, were two or more books contain contradicting information (the Jedi's lightsaber is blue in one book, but green in another). I don't know how often this occurs, but it seems to happen frequently enough to tick some fans off. And if a fan were to get his fan fiction published by Dark Horse, it would be considered part of the EU.

As a whole, the EU tends to tell its stories in trilogies and duologies, an example of this would be the Black Fleet Crisis. There are also stand-alone stories, like the Cestus Deception, it's one of my favorite books.
Novels are an excellent way to tell a story: one because it allows you to get inside the characters head and learn their inner secrets; something that is difficult to do in a film or series.

Because it has some many different authors EU canon (continuity) is often disputed and criticized. But one fact remains: We would have no EU if we didn't have the epic six films that are the Star Wars Saga.

The Star Wars Films and TV series:

Like the EU, proceeding series fill in the holes left by the films, but there has yet to be a series, or film, to go beyond ROTJ. And one of the earliest Star Wars series was the Ewok Series, followed by the Droid Series (I may have gotten the order wrong.) From what I gather contradictions are rarer here, but can still occur.
But above both the series and the EU is the films; these are the trunk of the whole franchise, and the rest would crumble if they didn't exist. All six films are Lucas's work, and a fine work they are. There's no argument, anything Lucas approves becomes canon.

TVs communicate their stories though images, this gives them an advantage over novels. In a novel it may that several paragraphs to describe a scene: as opposed to TVs, which can show the viewer the sequence in one or two scenes. The downfall is these scenes have a hefty price on them, and are expensive to produce. George Lucas knows this fact all to well. But CGI has revolutionized the movie making business. And while it is less expensive then its counterpart, it's not cheap, and very difficult to master correctly.


Star Wars is perhaps the best franchise on the planet, with many intricate stories, and plenty of compelling characters. But its vast expansion would not exist, and exist in such well chronicled order, if Lucas hadn't laid the foundation; that being the six Star Wars films.
A word picture I want to leave you with is this:
The six Star Wars films are a great citadel, and the EU is surrounding kingdoms allied with the citadel. And the new Clone Wars series is a new wind being added to the main castle.
George has given us permission to play in his sandbox, but ultimately he owns the beach.

I hope I have clarified some things for you. Until next time may the Force be with you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fountains of Insparation

Last Writer's Group my friend, and fellow unpublished author, gave me a guide to writing novels. It's been a great help to me, I spent most of today, and yesterday reading it, and it's awesome (if your an author).
I've got this awesome idea for a novel; I've got the basic plot down. It's gonna be great: it's about a  . . .  well this is the Internet, and I don't want any wannabe authors stealing my ideas, so for know I will not reveal anything about my story.

I realize the nature of this post strays from what your used to on this blog (fan fictions, episode/book reviews). I'll probably start throwing in these updates, if I feel they're worth posting.

Writing is my Passion, as you've seen, my fan fictions are a testament to this; and there's nothing I'd rather do then let a story flow from me. My best work flows from a place between sleep and awake. Unfortunately, as of late, I've been so obsessed with Facebook that I haven't given myself a chance to write anything.
I'm getting back into the habit.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Before the Storm"-- Review

An awesome book. Set some time after the Battle of Endor "Before the Storm" is a gripping story.
Certain arias felt a little like Star Trek, but that's just my opinion. This a great story, and actually follows several different plots at once.

I don't want to go into to much detail and spoil the story for all you soon-to-be readers; but I will say that, while being written from a third person narrative point of view, many of the perspectives are presented through Leia's perspective.

I can't wait to read the other books in this series, "Before the Storm" has set the stage for them quit well.

The cast (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Ackbar, ech) were all portrayed flawlessly.
All in all this was an awesome book, and I highly recommend that anyone interested in Star Wars read it.

May the Force be with you.

-Joshua Yoder-

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Cestus Deception"-- Review

I really enjoyed reading this novel by Steven Barnes. His descriptions of the characters and places was very compelling and accurate.
The plot was very deep and intriguing. The Jedi Killers, deadly bio-droids, were an excellent plot device, much deadlier then the standard B1-battle droid.
For me, this story opened my eyes to the day-in day-out life of a standard clone trooper; in this case that trooper is Nate (CT-96/298, Jangotat) ; I thought he was very interesting.
Also, Kit Fisto was a wonderful addition to the story.

A Jedi Killer droid!!
Jangotat's sacrifice towards the end out the book is one of my favorite parts in this book. He wasn't a run-of the-mill trooper who obeyed orders; and his character develoment seemed to be focal point in the story.

This fits well into the continuity of the Star Wars universe, and I am very pleased with it.

A side note: Obi-Wan's lightsaber pictured on the front cover is his first one from TPM, which we all know he lost.

This is a great book and I recommend it as a must read for anyone interested in the Clone Wars era.

May the Force be with you.                            -Joshua Yoder-

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Forgotten Dream

His gaze fell on the empty void of deep space that lay beyond the ship's large view-screen, and he thought of all the uncharted star systems out there; he remembered his dream of wanting to visit them; all of them.
"My lord," Can the voice of a crewman next to him.
"We're prepared to jump to light-speed," And then he added;
"With your permission, sir." 
"Proceed." Darth Vader replied in his respiratory assisted baritone.
Vader left the ship's bridge with the words;
"I'll be in my quarters. Notify me when we've reached the Kessel System."

Encased in the solid black meditation chamber the Dark Lord had his sinister black mask removed, revealing his lava scarred face, he breathed the heavy gases that now filled his close chamber. He could not allow any of the crew to see him in such a weak state, it would defeat his image.
Seated, he closed his eyes, ignoring the pain the the movement caused. He let his mind drift back, back to the beginning.
He saw his mother's face, just as he had always remembered it. Why? Why did you have to die? He asked himself; and the answer was no clearer now, then it had been the day he had buried her in the harsh sands of Tattooine, his former home.
His soul still ached with the sorrow of her passing, it ached like the scars across his face.
Another face manifest itself to him, his former Master's, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The very thought of that name only surfaced images of betrayal on the fiery world of Mustafar.

That image slowly faded, and was replaced by dozens, if not thousands more. Younglings, Knights, Masters, all slain by his hand; the grief and sorrow flooded him, and he struggled for breath beneath its sudden surge.
His own Padawan's face appeared in his mind's eye. She was young, eager, book-smart, and ignorant when he'd first met her. And her soul was the only one he'd not freed from this Natural Realm; if she wasn't dead now then she would surely fall.

Why do you grieve, my love? Said the soft voice in his head, he knew it all to well.
"Padm`e," He whispered softly into the thick air. There was no response.
The image of his wife's face in death filled his mind, and banished all other images and tormenting voices.
My love for you extends even beyond death. He heard her say, his mind slowly began to calm as her voice whispered like a small breeze. For once the bitterness and hatred in his soul subsided.
Every second felt like a lifetime to him. He couldn't let this moment slip through his fingers.
Tears began to run down his cheek, their touch caused his skin to burn, but still he wept, wept for all those he'd killed.
He remembered that day when he'd brutally used the Force to choke her, the images relayed in his mind countless times, a testament to what he'd become.
I am a monster. He told himself, it seemed true enough.

A red notification light blinked on the arm of his chair. He pushed a button and he heard the helmsman's voice saying;
"We've arrived at the Kessel System, standing by."
Swallowing his grief and dispare he pressed a series of keys, and his great black mask was lowered over his face to once more confine it.
The sealed meditation chamber opened into two halves and the Dark Lord stepped out once more.
As he entered the ship's bridge he felt a strong Force presence on the planet hovering below.

                                                     --THE END--

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Moment in Time

A thousand thoughts flourished in her mind, was this really happening? Was she really here, now? The twelve members of the Jedi Council surrounded her in a wide circle in the Hall of Knighthood, their faces solom.
Behind her stood her oldest known friend; Plo Koon, the Kel Dor's face was unreadable beneath his breath-mask and goggles.
The chamber was dark, but the Force told her she was among good company, a sliver of fear and excitement shot through her like lightning. She looked to Master Yoda, who stood before her, his aged features seemed youthful in the dim light.

One-by-one each Jedi Master on the Council ignited their emerald or blue blades, their song became a choir of perfect harmony.
No one spoke, she knelt on one knee before the humble Grand Master Yoda, her eyes closed in respect. I did it, I'm finally here. She thought.
She listened with alert ears as Yoda recited the ancient passages for the ceremony; then she jumped a little as the little man's Shoto severed the two shell Padawan-Braids from atop her sprouting head-tails. Her emotions spiked as they fell to the floor.

She slowly rose and looked to the braids that now laid at her feet; she felt bitter sweet seeing them there. She'd anticipated this day for as long as she could comprehend, and know it was complete.
She gathered the braids and exited the chamber in total silence.

She stirred, something within her told her it was morning. She sat up and worked the stiffness out of her limbs, as did she felt her head-tails, the Padawan-Braids still there, as they had always been. She gave a disappointed sigh, her Knighting Ceremony had gone with the night.
I will be a Jedi Knight some day, I know I will. She told herself as she gathered her lightsaber and Shoto and clipped them to her belt. The door to her small cubical hissed open and she left to face the many challenges of being a Padawan . . .

                                                                  THE END

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Request

Setting: In the wake of the events on Wasskah.


Reality was slowly slipping away from her. She gasped for air, and couldn't find enough of it.
She looked into her friend's face, that looked back at hers', the worry there evident. With the last of her failing strength she slipped a token to her comrade with the words;
"Take it,". In the short time the two had known each other, their friendship had blossomed, despite the crushing circumstances.
She lowered her head, and her spirit became on with the binding Force.

Ahsoka followed her Master into the hanger, as she walked she felt the Wookiee's gaze behind her.
"It's good to have you back, Ahsoka." Anakin said, she knew what he meant, a smile crossed her lips.
A delicate looking feminine Jedi arouched the pair from ahead.
"Kalifa, have you seen her? Is she safe?" She asked, the concern painted her features.
The pair stood silent for several minutes; finally Ahsoka said;
"She's gone. She was killed on Wasskah before the Wookiees rescued us."
The other Jedi's gaze fell, and silence overtook them. Ahsoka broke the quiet with;
"She . . . She gave me this before she died." The Togruta Padawan held out her palm, in it a small charm, carved from some exotic wood; and on it, carved with a rought knife, was the name Nava.
The token fell into the Jedi's hand,
"Thank you," She said, their eyes met for a brief moment, Anakin injected;
"C'mon Snips, let's get you cleaned up." and they walked on. A song of emotion welled in Ahsoka's chest as she watched Kalifa's Master embrace the last bit of her fallen Padawan . . .

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ghosts in the Night

A week after the events on Mortis

Silence filled the still air around her face. The only sounds, the sounds in her mind. She tossed on her side. The great Jedi Temple was as still as a tomb, its thick walls blocked the noise of the bustling city world outside.
Her thoughts these last few days had been a little chaotic, why, she didn't know.
You think I am gone? Came a sinister voice from the air next to her face, followed by what felt like warm rancor breath.
Ahsoka turned on her other side, the voice came again. I am still here. It said; the voice sounded like her own, only with a deranged ring in the tone.
Ahsoka shot up and looked around her small sparsely furnished cubical, nothing out of place was to be seen. She slowly laid back down, her heart racing; maybe it was just nerves.

She closed her eyes and slipped out of reality. When the fog in her mind cleared she saw her Master, Anakin. The same voice as before came again, this time it was in her head and all around her; it said; I may not have your body anymore, but I still have your mind.
A sense of dread creeped up on her; like a nexu stalking its prey. What was happening? Was she going insane? She pounded on the mental barriers, trying to escape back to reality, where she was safe. No use.

"Now, you are mine." Came the voice  followed by hot breath. She turned to see a corrupted and evil version of herself, with malice yellow eyes, and a vein covered face. The sight sent chills down her spine.
The thing attacked her like a frantic beast.

She shot up and looked around for a second time, as she did she breathed a heavy sigh, It was just a dream, she told herself, and laid back down.

                                                                      THE END

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shining Light

Setting: Sometime after the "Mortis Trilogy".

Air. She desperately needed air. She took in a deep breath, her lungs ached with an unimaginable pain that shot through her body like thousands on tiny needles. What had happened?
She couldn't concentrate, her limbs had no feeling in them, if she could she just might be able to use the Force to heal herself.
The world around her was becoming more and more blurred with each passing minute, she struggled to stay awake.
A warm hand was placed on her now cold shoulder; "It's ok Ahsoka. Everything is going to be ok." the masculine voice was saying to her, the words brought little comfort, she had reached the point of no return.
Ahsoka struggled to make eye contact with her Master, who was standing over her like a guardian angel. She tried to tell him she was fine, her lips struggled to form the words, all that came out was slurred together in an unorganized mess. No one understood her. If only I could say something to comfort him. She thought to herself. In her fading vision she saw two crystal tears run down his cheeks. Watching Anakin's face slowly fade away she barely noticed her own tear stained face. Don't cry, please don't cry. She thought as the face vanished entirely. "We have to get her into a bacta tank, now!" She heard someone say before the world went black

Her body suddenly felt light, lighter then it had in years. She felt as if she where on a swaying sea bond ship, rocking back and forth. She kept her eyes closed, the darkness beyond her eyelids was to great for her to confront. She couldn't tell if she was standing, or siting, or laying down, there seemed to be no ground.
There came a blinding white light that shone through her locked eyelids; she felt herself being sucked in; a voice in her head was saying; Wake up Child, wake up.
She opened her eyes, as she did the white light began to dissipate, but not vanish.
She was standing in a lush field surrounded on all sides by great peaks, all flush with greens and vibrant blues, it was utterly breath taking. She looked around, surely such a beautiful place could not be uninhabited. A thousand questions all filled her mind, she'd never seen this place in her short life, and yet she felt completely at home here, as if she'd been here all her life. The dying sense of lose and despair she'd felt when she saw Anakin's face fade had washed off her like a heavy garment, now she only felt love, peace, and joy.

A figure behind her. She turned around and saw a man wearing shining Jedi robes, with Wookiee colored hair that fell to his shoulders.
"W-who are you?" she stuttered.
"I am Qui-Gon Jinn." he answered calmly, and then added,
"And this is the Realm of the Force."

She stood there, eyes on Qui-Gon, frozen. Had she really died? Or was this just all an elaborate, dream and she was still in the sick bay with Anakin by her side?
"Your troubled Young One; I sense it in you."  Qui-Gon said to her ever so calmly, how many now dead Jedi had he welcomed into the Force, she wondered. 
"Y-yes," She said. There was no pretending here.
"Don't be," He said walking up to her and placing a fatherly hand on her warm shoulder.

Her Jedi senses, which she had strived to prefect in her lifetime, now preformed at their climax, she never felt so close to the Force before. And this truth was bitter sweet in her soul. If only Anakin could see this place. She though, she held back the tears. Jinn had her face him, and he placed both hands on her shoulders, like a father correcting his daughter. The wise Jedi said nothing, his warm gaze calmed the storm in Ahsoka's soul.
"Ahsoka? Is that you?" A small voice to the side called out.
Ahsoka turned to see a familiar looking young human girl run towards her. When she was close enough the Togruta called out with surprise; "Kalifa!" 
Both girls embraced one another, Ahsoka felt no blaster wounds on her friend's back as she was warmed by her friend's strong embrace. Their faces met. Kalifa; who Ahsoka remembered as being soiled and dirty from living in the bush, now stood before her with a cleaned face, the lone lock of hair that had once fallen out from the rest was now tucked in nicely with the others, where it belonged.
"I'm so glad to see you," Ahsoka said, struggling to hold back the tears, tears of joy.

She looked to Qui-Gon, something was wrong with the expression on his face.
"What is it?' she asked into the wind. She then met Kalifa's brown eyes.
"You can't stay here Ahsoka." The girl said; Ahsoka saw her freind's face grow solom once the words had left her mouth.
Ahsoka looked to Qui-Gon, her expression preplexed. The wise Jedi joined the girls, and faced Ahsoka.
He began; "Your Master needs you, Young One, you are not yet ready to become one with the Force as we are."
Ahsoka let her gaze fall to the ground, her emotions where so confused right now.
"But how can I continue living, knowing this place exists?" She said not making eye contact.
 Jinn lifted her chin and made her look into his eyes. And then he said;
"You will, Young One, you will."
Ahsoka sensed another presence and turned to see the shining figure of the Daughter, the very incarnation of the light side of the Force, approuch her. With Qui-Gon behind her, and Kalifa at her side, she felt like all of these were her family. And they truly were.
The Daughter, shining more then she remembered, waved two fingers over Ahsoka's eyes, and their lids closed. She felt a pair of warm hands on her cheeks as a soft whisper came to her. I am here. And I always will be. The voice was in front of her as much as it was in her head. As she felt the Realm of the Force melt away like a dream around her she engrained the image of Qui-Gon and Kalifa in her mind. The voice continued, this time even softer. I am not a Force. I am a Presence. It said, the words echoed on; I am a Presence. Until the one word remained; Presence. Suddenly there was feeling in her limbs.

Air shot into her lungs as she sat up, and she wiped the sweat from her brow. Her vision began to clear up.
"Ahsoka! Your alright!"
 A voice beside her said, and she was swept up in Anakin's embrace. She breathed again, the air tasted stail. There came a pungent taste that filled her nose and mouth, it was as much a smell as a taste. It was bacta.
"Don't ever scare me like that again Snips. Ever!"  He said, concern, and relief, filled his eyes.
"Master I--" She began, but couldn't finish.
the door hissed open and Obi-Wan entered the sick bay.
"Good to see you in one piece Ahsoka," He remarked in his optimistic voice.
"we thought those Trandoshan smugglers had scored a point for their goddess."
"Trandoshans?" Ahsoka echoed.
"Yes," continued Obi-Wan;
"Thanks to your valiant efforts, young one, their now getting what they diserve."
Ahsoka placed a weary hand on her forehead.
"Leave us Obi-Wan." Anakin said to the older Jedi. The door hissed shut as he left.

                                                                       THE END

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clone Wars: Season III, Recap

Season Three has come to a close. In hind site it's been a good Season, there were a few weird episodes, mainly during the first half of the Season. I can't wait to find out what's waiting for use in the Fourth Season.

   Clone Cadets  

This was an awesome episode, and a great way to go into the Season. Great storyline, great cast. I was particularly fond of Bric, I wish they would have explained his sourness a little more. The introduction to one 99 showed us that not all clones ended up on the battlefield, he was a very unique clone in my opinion, and a mentor for Heavy. It was good to see Heavy again with his iconic rotary blaster; I'm sure everyone remembers his cry from "Rookies". I was pleased with the introduction of the Togruta known as Shaak Ti, she presented herself as calm and well versed; the conflict between her and Bric was very compelling. In the end the members of the Domino Squad are elevated to the rank of Arc Troopers, and Bric, believe it or not, helped them achieve their goal while trying to destroy it.
I love this episode and Dave and crew did a superb job with the animation, music, etc.


  Arc Troopers

Another superb episode. Arc Troopers was clone action non stop. Considering I'm more of a Jedi fan, this episode blew us out of the water. The Aqua Droids were an exultant addition, almost like the commando droids introduced to us back in "Rookies". Among the casualties was 99, he fought, and died, a true soldier. There were several epic duels in this episode; Anakin's fight with Ventress was very well done; and the same can be said about Obi-Wan's fight with General Greivous. They were some of the best duels in my opinion. The visuals were truly stunning.

Supply Lines

I wasn't all that fond of "Supply Lines" to be honest. We were introduced to clone Captain Kelli, and Jedi Master Di (both of which are killed at the end of the episode). The plot wasn't all that intriguing, and I'm sure the fact that Jar-jar Binks was involved in galactic politics didn't please a few fans. I found this episode a bad mixer of politics and war, and while the two are bond together in a sense, it wasn't really the best episode in my opinion. I don't want to say they did a horrible job, 'cause really they didn't. I will point out that they passed up a chance to expand upon Numa, a little blue skinned Tweli'k girl, first seem in the Season One episode "Innocence of Ryloth". As far as Jar-jar and politics, not the best combination.

Sphere of Influence
You'll remember Greedo from ANH; this episode integrated him into the Clone Wars. And it really was him, and not his father as some of you may have assumed; I just wanted to clear up that fact to avoid any confusion. And while not directly visited, we did get to see glimpses of Pandoria. And speaking of the Pandorians, the Pandorian senator briefly glimpsed in ROTS was also in this episode. The plot revolved around his daughters being kidnapped and help hostage by the Trade Federation. This was a good episode. I enjoyed watching Ahsoka and Chuchi sneak around the Federation blockade. The shadowy halls there were very resembling to the Death Star. All in all, a good kid friendly episode with a slight OT feel.


Corruption was by far the worst excuse of a Clone Wars episode. I'm sorry, the plot was very bland, and revolved around children and poisoned tea. If this was meant to feel like a mystery story it sure didn't. And while it showed the level of corruption on Mandalor, it did so in a very underwhelming way. It also presented a very brief moment of "action" at the end; and that couldn't make up for the dullness of the plot. There were no Jedi, and hardly any blaster fire. This episodes sits with "Senate Spy","Senate Murder", and the "Mandalor Arc" of Season Two. If I offended anyone I'm sorry.


This episode follows "Corruption". This was a cool episode. We got to see Ahsoka in a teacher role, you might say the student became the master, in a sense. There were some action filled scenes, it was an improvident from the dullness in the previous episode. The very end was very suspenseful, and I felt as if Ahsoka, and Satine were in real danger. In the end everything worked out. This episode held an air of suspense "Corruption" never had. A few of the students under Ahsoka's tutelage were, Korky, and Lagos.


I was particularly fond of "Assassin"; the internal conflict Ahsoka was faced with was really intriguing to me. Her visions harked back to Anakin's nightmares towards Padam`e in ROTS. Padm`e was very much a mother figure to Ahsoka in this episode, I enjoyed the scene with them playing "chess" on the senator's yacht, a very intimate moment, and very well done. They did an exultant job on this episode. And while it lacked the heart pumping clones vs. droids conflicts all of us Clone Wars fans crave, it didn't really need it; and confinsated very well with Ahsoka questioning her visions reliability. Another scene I enjoyed was Ahsoka and Padm`e on the balcony on Alderaan, very well done indeed.

Evil Plans

Evil Plans indeed. This was one story that didn't need to be told. In all, it was dull and uneventful. Yet another EPIC FAIL on behalf of the guys at Skywalker Ranch. I'm sorry, this wasn't a good episode.

Hunt for Zirro

This episode was truly alien. For starters they touched on the intimate relationship between the slime Hutt known as Zirro, and one Sy Snootles (who I believe made an appearance in ROTJ). Being set on the Hutt's homeworld of Nal Hutta, a slimy swamp world, only added to the alien feel of things. The introduction of Quinlan Vos, from the EU, was very neat. I myself have not read very much EU so I can't compare him here to his appearance in the comic book, etch. And who could forget Mama the Hutt, a massive hutt, the mother to Zirro, she outsized Jabba by a parsec. this episode concluded with Sy killing Zirro, and Bane getting away.
Not one of my favorite episodes.

Heroes on Both Sides

Maybe it's Ahsoka and her character development in this episode that keeps me from hating this episode. And like the others before it, it was very underwhelming to say the least. Here we were introduced to a older, more matured Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker. Though never used in this episode Ahsoka wore a Shota short lightsaber. And while the plot lacked action, it still carried substance, or so I though. Being set on the Separatist capital planet of Rexus (of no relation to Rexus Prime from TFU), the planet felt like 17th century France which its Gothic architecture and vaulted ceilings. With such a setting this may as well have been set during the French Revolution. Towards the end of the episode there was a hint that Ahsoka may fall in love with Lux Bonteri, it is still uncertain what will become of their relationship.

Pursuit of Peace

This episode sits with "Senate Spy" and "Senate Murder", both from Season Two. This was, like its predecessors, another drawn out senate episode with minimal action. And while it did touch on the level of bankruptcy the Republic was going into, it was fairly uneventful. The only really satisfying scene was at the end of the episode were Palpatine shows his true self in a very sinister manner, a very well done scene. If only the episode it was attached to was more shadowy and foreboding.


I wasn't to fond of all the voodoo and spell casting in this episode, it gave me the shivers. Being set of the Nightsisters homeword of Dathomir, this episode focused more on the Sith, then the Jedi. And this episode probably had one of the best lightsaber duels in the whole series. That said, we learned a little about Ventress's past and the death of her Master. And while some minor details that were presented from her past conflict withed a little with the present canon, there really was nothing wrong with this episode, it was certainly better then any of the senate episodes.


A great episode. Picking up where "Nightsisters" left off this episode bordered on being rated as P-G. A lot of Zabraks were killed here, all in gruesome ways, this episode had intense hand-to-hand combat and superior animation. In the end the highly anticipated beast known as Savage Opress was "birthed", a true monster indeed.

Witches in the Mist

The conclusion to the "Nightsisters Trilogy", this episode rocked. Believe it or not, I was scared for Ventress for a split second. While the title may be a little misleading the episode was great.
plenty of lightsaber action. The team did an exulant job on this episode is every aria.


Going into this episode felt like a cross between the "Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek Next Generation". I found this episode very allegoric in nature as it presented the Son, a mix between Hamlet, Starkiller, and Palpatine, as the dark side of the binding Force; and the Daughter, a medieval looking young woman with glowing skin, as the light side of the Force; and the Father, a bearded only man who's face seems to be carved out of granite, as the balance between them. There were a few hints of the dark future ahead as Anakin, Ob-Wan, and Ahsoka all had their own visions. Obi-Wan's being of his old Master Qui-Gon, Anakin's being of his dead mother Shmi, and my favorite, Ahsoka's; which was a warning sent by an future version of herself with longer head-tails. This episode emphasized the Chosen One, and presented him as almost a Deni god. The Chosen One being Anakin himself.

Alter of Mortis

 This episode was dark through and through. Opening with Anakin having a nightmare about the Son on board their ship as they try to escape Mortis. There were plenty of references to "Lord of the Rings" in this episode, and also some hints to C.S Lewis's "Loin the Witch and the Wardrobe". By far the most unnerving thing about this episode was the dark Ahsoka, the team did an epic job with this warped and deluded version of her. With veins branching across her face, and head-tails, and yellow eyes she was a living nightmare. And her voice, and logic, were just as warped as her body.
I might also note that this was the first episode in which we see Ahsoka fight with her Shoto short lightsaber and her original one. The fight was truly intense, but it wasn't truly "Ahsoka" fighting.
One thing that would have made this episode better would have been is Ahsoka had been awake while under the Son's control, a kind of internal struggle while she's fighting Anakin and Obi-Wan. In the end the Son kills his puppet, Ahsoka, and the Daughter gives her life to save the life of the Father. As a last act of selflessness the Daughter breaths a last breath of life back into Ahsoka, reviving her. I wonder if we'll see signs of the Daughter in Ahsoka in later episodes, only time will tell.

Ghosts of Mortis

The last two episodes in this trilogy were extremely deep; this was no different. I liked this episode, although it as, in fact, rather weird. For one the Son revealed Anakin's future to him; and then the Father comes along later only to wipe it from his memory, what's the point? Here Anakin fall to the dark side, and he resembles Vader from ROTS. I think Ahsoka's goggles are the most memorable thing from this episode (pictured above).


Captain Tarkin and carbon freezing; it doesn't get anymore Star Wars then that. Both of which are in this episode. A clever mixture of New Trilogy and Original Trilogy, this episode was true blue Star Wars material, I loved it. Evan Peill was a great addition as well; the little man had the gruffness of a dwarf.


Rest in peace Echo. This was another action packed episode that I very much enjoyed. Other then Echo's passing, this episode rocked.

Citadel Rescue

A perfect conclusion to this epic trilogy.Truly cinematic. Evan's death was a tragic one, and some might say non-canon as well. Whatever your opinion it was still a great episode in all specters. The fact that Ahsoka's hand killed Osi Sobeck, the prison warden, was rather shocking to me, her first life to take.

Padawan Lost

Another one of my favorites. This was an epic episode. The animation was superb, and so was everything else. I love the setting of this episode, the character delevopment we see in the end with Ahsoka is amazing.


                                                                    Wookiee Hunt

This Season went out with a "Rwrrrrrawww", uttered from the lips of that classic Star Wars character Chewbacca. I loved this episode, great action and character development. All I can say is, well done Dave and crew, well done.

In the end I am left with a sense of aw. This has been a good Season for us fans. And I'm sure there will be many more adventures in store for us next Season. Yes there were certain flaws  towards the beginning of the Season, but I won't dwell on that. You can look foward to more episode reviews for the next Season, here, on "Padawan's Journal". Until then; may the Force be with you.