Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fountains of Insparation

Last Writer's Group my friend, and fellow unpublished author, gave me a guide to writing novels. It's been a great help to me, I spent most of today, and yesterday reading it, and it's awesome (if your an author).
I've got this awesome idea for a novel; I've got the basic plot down. It's gonna be great: it's about a  . . .  well this is the Internet, and I don't want any wannabe authors stealing my ideas, so for know I will not reveal anything about my story.

I realize the nature of this post strays from what your used to on this blog (fan fictions, episode/book reviews). I'll probably start throwing in these updates, if I feel they're worth posting.

Writing is my Passion, as you've seen, my fan fictions are a testament to this; and there's nothing I'd rather do then let a story flow from me. My best work flows from a place between sleep and awake. Unfortunately, as of late, I've been so obsessed with Facebook that I haven't given myself a chance to write anything.
I'm getting back into the habit.

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