Friday, April 1, 2011

Ghosts in the Night

A week after the events on Mortis

Silence filled the still air around her face. The only sounds, the sounds in her mind. She tossed on her side. The great Jedi Temple was as still as a tomb, its thick walls blocked the noise of the bustling city world outside.
Her thoughts these last few days had been a little chaotic, why, she didn't know.
You think I am gone? Came a sinister voice from the air next to her face, followed by what felt like warm rancor breath.
Ahsoka turned on her other side, the voice came again. I am still here. It said; the voice sounded like her own, only with a deranged ring in the tone.
Ahsoka shot up and looked around her small sparsely furnished cubical, nothing out of place was to be seen. She slowly laid back down, her heart racing; maybe it was just nerves.

She closed her eyes and slipped out of reality. When the fog in her mind cleared she saw her Master, Anakin. The same voice as before came again, this time it was in her head and all around her; it said; I may not have your body anymore, but I still have your mind.
A sense of dread creeped up on her; like a nexu stalking its prey. What was happening? Was she going insane? She pounded on the mental barriers, trying to escape back to reality, where she was safe. No use.

"Now, you are mine." Came the voice  followed by hot breath. She turned to see a corrupted and evil version of herself, with malice yellow eyes, and a vein covered face. The sight sent chills down her spine.
The thing attacked her like a frantic beast.

She shot up and looked around for a second time, as she did she breathed a heavy sigh, It was just a dream, she told herself, and laid back down.

                                                                      THE END

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