Sunday, August 26, 2012

That Wasn't Nuna

Ahsoka sat in the Temple library consumed by silence as she watched the minutes tick by. Ever second of ever second a small eternity; the embodiment of utter boredom.
She looked at her wrist communicator. Who could she contact? Who would liberate her from this invisible prison?
The com beeped sounding louder then normal in the silence.
"This is Ahsoka Tano." She said into the device.
"Ahsoka, this is Barriss, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me. Maybe we could have dinner in the city."
Ahsoka replied;"Sure. I need to get out any way. Obi Wan was telling me of this really nice place. He says he knows someone who works there."
"What's it called?" The other Padawan asked.
"Ummm . . ." Ahsoka said trying to remember.
"Dex, yes, Dex's Diner, I'll send you the coordinates and meet you there." With that she closed the channel. Finally an escape.

The two Padawans arrived at Dex's Diner. Its interior a snapshot from a simpler time.
The pair found a booth seated themselves.
Both girls took in their vibrant surroundings. Unlike the rest of the city planet the Diner was cleaner and not perverted by modern advertising and what have you.
"What are you going to have." Barriss asked watching her own menu.
"I don't know. I wonder if their nuna is any good." Ahsoka answered.
"Why hello there Jedi." A bellowing voice said and both looked up. It was the Diner's owner and namesake Dex; a pot bellied, four armed, alien with a welcoming air that smelled of grease.
"You must be Skywalker's Padawan." He said giving Ahsoka a wide grin.
"Yes. That's me." Was all she was willing to say.
"It's an honor to have you here. Obi Wan has told me so much about you."
Both girls gave each other looks.
"That's great, umm, do you have anything new. Maybe exotic?" Barriss asked eager to change the subject.
"Of course, and since both of you have done so much for our Republic how about I prepare a special dish just for the two of you"
"Sure." Ahsoka answered while Barriss weighed the risks.
With a giant grin Dex left the two and headed for the kitchen to prepare their meal.
"What are you doing?" Barriss asked as she leaned over the table pondering her friend's logic.
"C'mon Barriss, lighten up, we deserve it."
Barriss sat back with mock satisfaction at her friend's answer.

There came an animal cry from the back followed abruptly by the sound of a blade contacting flesh. Barriss cringed and Ahsoka could sense her gag reflex.
The remaining minutes they waited were filled with the usual ambient noises and nothing extreme.
Dex emerged carrying two large steaming platters.
"Enjoy, my friends." Dex said leaving them to enjoy his creations.
The large platters smelled savory and was an assortment of steamed veggies and meat; maybe nuna meat.
Both girls eat.
"Not bad." Barriss remarked at the food quality.
"Told you." Ahsoka said back almost smirking through her filled cheeks.

"No. No; I need these as soon as possible. They're a huge hit." They heard Dex say to someone in the back.
"I don't care what it costs. I need this for the Jedi Special. It's . . ." Dex's voice was lost to the other noises.
Reaching out in the Force both girls strained to hear the rest;
"Who do you think you are. . . Butchered . . . Endangered and ruined lives." Was all they were able to decipher.
With their mouths full both girls looked each other in the eyes and then they looked to their plates. It wasn't nuna. And it wasn't nerf either. What was it?