Friday, March 9, 2012


I thought this was an awesome episode even though a few points were a bit slow.

Maul's babbling to himself and his frantic nature right away reminded me of the former Hobbit from "Lord of the Rings" known as Gollum. And his underground lair on the planet Lotho Minor reminded me a lot of Raxus Prime from The Force Unleashed game. Those Fire-breathers were an awesome sight.

Granted Anakin and Ahsoka had some brief moments on scene but they weren't really a part of the overall plot. And I liked the moment where they played a bit of the Force Theme which made the episode all the more awesome.
It was awesome seeing Dexter's Diner in the Clone Wars even if Dexter himself wasn't there.

I must say this episode was almost flawless and flowed very well from scene to scene. Savage's snake guide adding a bit of comic relief but not must and in the end he served his purpose and wasn't overdone.

Overall this was a good setup episode for next week's finale which promises to be very dark and twisted. Thanks for reading. Until next week . . . .