Monday, March 28, 2011

Shining Light

Setting: Sometime after the "Mortis Trilogy".

Air. She desperately needed air. She took in a deep breath, her lungs ached with an unimaginable pain that shot through her body like thousands on tiny needles. What had happened?
She couldn't concentrate, her limbs had no feeling in them, if she could she just might be able to use the Force to heal herself.
The world around her was becoming more and more blurred with each passing minute, she struggled to stay awake.
A warm hand was placed on her now cold shoulder; "It's ok Ahsoka. Everything is going to be ok." the masculine voice was saying to her, the words brought little comfort, she had reached the point of no return.
Ahsoka struggled to make eye contact with her Master, who was standing over her like a guardian angel. She tried to tell him she was fine, her lips struggled to form the words, all that came out was slurred together in an unorganized mess. No one understood her. If only I could say something to comfort him. She thought to herself. In her fading vision she saw two crystal tears run down his cheeks. Watching Anakin's face slowly fade away she barely noticed her own tear stained face. Don't cry, please don't cry. She thought as the face vanished entirely. "We have to get her into a bacta tank, now!" She heard someone say before the world went black

Her body suddenly felt light, lighter then it had in years. She felt as if she where on a swaying sea bond ship, rocking back and forth. She kept her eyes closed, the darkness beyond her eyelids was to great for her to confront. She couldn't tell if she was standing, or siting, or laying down, there seemed to be no ground.
There came a blinding white light that shone through her locked eyelids; she felt herself being sucked in; a voice in her head was saying; Wake up Child, wake up.
She opened her eyes, as she did the white light began to dissipate, but not vanish.
She was standing in a lush field surrounded on all sides by great peaks, all flush with greens and vibrant blues, it was utterly breath taking. She looked around, surely such a beautiful place could not be uninhabited. A thousand questions all filled her mind, she'd never seen this place in her short life, and yet she felt completely at home here, as if she'd been here all her life. The dying sense of lose and despair she'd felt when she saw Anakin's face fade had washed off her like a heavy garment, now she only felt love, peace, and joy.

A figure behind her. She turned around and saw a man wearing shining Jedi robes, with Wookiee colored hair that fell to his shoulders.
"W-who are you?" she stuttered.
"I am Qui-Gon Jinn." he answered calmly, and then added,
"And this is the Realm of the Force."

She stood there, eyes on Qui-Gon, frozen. Had she really died? Or was this just all an elaborate, dream and she was still in the sick bay with Anakin by her side?
"Your troubled Young One; I sense it in you."  Qui-Gon said to her ever so calmly, how many now dead Jedi had he welcomed into the Force, she wondered. 
"Y-yes," She said. There was no pretending here.
"Don't be," He said walking up to her and placing a fatherly hand on her warm shoulder.

Her Jedi senses, which she had strived to prefect in her lifetime, now preformed at their climax, she never felt so close to the Force before. And this truth was bitter sweet in her soul. If only Anakin could see this place. She though, she held back the tears. Jinn had her face him, and he placed both hands on her shoulders, like a father correcting his daughter. The wise Jedi said nothing, his warm gaze calmed the storm in Ahsoka's soul.
"Ahsoka? Is that you?" A small voice to the side called out.
Ahsoka turned to see a familiar looking young human girl run towards her. When she was close enough the Togruta called out with surprise; "Kalifa!" 
Both girls embraced one another, Ahsoka felt no blaster wounds on her friend's back as she was warmed by her friend's strong embrace. Their faces met. Kalifa; who Ahsoka remembered as being soiled and dirty from living in the bush, now stood before her with a cleaned face, the lone lock of hair that had once fallen out from the rest was now tucked in nicely with the others, where it belonged.
"I'm so glad to see you," Ahsoka said, struggling to hold back the tears, tears of joy.

She looked to Qui-Gon, something was wrong with the expression on his face.
"What is it?' she asked into the wind. She then met Kalifa's brown eyes.
"You can't stay here Ahsoka." The girl said; Ahsoka saw her freind's face grow solom once the words had left her mouth.
Ahsoka looked to Qui-Gon, her expression preplexed. The wise Jedi joined the girls, and faced Ahsoka.
He began; "Your Master needs you, Young One, you are not yet ready to become one with the Force as we are."
Ahsoka let her gaze fall to the ground, her emotions where so confused right now.
"But how can I continue living, knowing this place exists?" She said not making eye contact.
 Jinn lifted her chin and made her look into his eyes. And then he said;
"You will, Young One, you will."
Ahsoka sensed another presence and turned to see the shining figure of the Daughter, the very incarnation of the light side of the Force, approuch her. With Qui-Gon behind her, and Kalifa at her side, she felt like all of these were her family. And they truly were.
The Daughter, shining more then she remembered, waved two fingers over Ahsoka's eyes, and their lids closed. She felt a pair of warm hands on her cheeks as a soft whisper came to her. I am here. And I always will be. The voice was in front of her as much as it was in her head. As she felt the Realm of the Force melt away like a dream around her she engrained the image of Qui-Gon and Kalifa in her mind. The voice continued, this time even softer. I am not a Force. I am a Presence. It said, the words echoed on; I am a Presence. Until the one word remained; Presence. Suddenly there was feeling in her limbs.

Air shot into her lungs as she sat up, and she wiped the sweat from her brow. Her vision began to clear up.
"Ahsoka! Your alright!"
 A voice beside her said, and she was swept up in Anakin's embrace. She breathed again, the air tasted stail. There came a pungent taste that filled her nose and mouth, it was as much a smell as a taste. It was bacta.
"Don't ever scare me like that again Snips. Ever!"  He said, concern, and relief, filled his eyes.
"Master I--" She began, but couldn't finish.
the door hissed open and Obi-Wan entered the sick bay.
"Good to see you in one piece Ahsoka," He remarked in his optimistic voice.
"we thought those Trandoshan smugglers had scored a point for their goddess."
"Trandoshans?" Ahsoka echoed.
"Yes," continued Obi-Wan;
"Thanks to your valiant efforts, young one, their now getting what they diserve."
Ahsoka placed a weary hand on her forehead.
"Leave us Obi-Wan." Anakin said to the older Jedi. The door hissed shut as he left.

                                                                       THE END


  1. YES!!!!!!
    1. That was the best fanfic of yours I have ever read.
    2. The concept and the way you wrote it was very emotionally connected.
    3. The way you wrote the characters was very believable.
    4. You should seriously consider the career of a writer.
    5. If you fix a few typos this will look professional.
    6. WOW.

  2. INCREDIBLE!! I'm with Chris, this feels like it's an excerpt from a Clone wars novel. Your best work yet, keep it up!

  3. Fantastic!! Great fanfic, I loved the emotion and struggles inside Ahsoka. If only the Clone Wars team would write stuff this great.

  4. "..their now getting what they diserve."

    It's supposed to be "..they're now getting what they deserve."

    Despite the minor spelling and grammar error, this story is brilliant and should be continued in the near future. :)


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