Monday, March 21, 2011

"Padawan Lost" Review

If it were up to me I would've called this episode "Hunting the Hunter": this was a very intense Clone Wars episode with a good plot. The animation was superb, a true hard core story with great character development.
I thought Ahsoka's relationship with the other Padawan's was a clever plot device. This is the first time we see her interacting with Jedi her age.
Kalifa's death (pictured above) was very touching for me; her character was strong, resilient, and a good leader, with a buried hatred towards the lizard hunters. Now the mantel of leadership falls to Ahsoka; can she lead her fellow Padawans in their fight against the Trandoshan hunters?
This was truly cinematic in all specters, animation, sound, music, ech.
I'm wondering as to why Ahsoka, and the other Padawans, never activated their lightsabers in this episode. Maybe the Trandoshans took them as trophies.
I can't wait to meet Chewbacca in the next episode, I'm sure we will not be disappointed at all.

Anakin said some very touching things about Ahsoka in this episode, "She is fearless," and likewise with Master Plo, "If you trained her well; she can take care of herself."

The concept of a Jedi Padawan being kidnapped by lizards, and then taken to a remote planet to hunted down like a wild animal for pure sport, I think, is a very fresh idea. This is one of my favorite episodes, I hope there are many more equally as satisfying.

Here are some details I noticed:

The Trandoshain's hover-pods resemble poacher's jeeps. This, I'm sure, was intended.

And this deck on their mother ship looks like something from "Avatar".

Thanks for reading; may the Force be with you!!

Joshua Yoder


  1. I can't wait for it, too much to read btw, too bad it won't be "live" on my TV, I'll have to download it the next day... :( cool blog btw

  2. the animation was amazing in this episode, the jungle shadows & their scales were so detailed. those Trandoshans killed a gungan & a wampa! it was basically the most dangerous game" on pandora. didn't expect for them to kill khalifa.


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