Saturday, March 12, 2011


The flagship Devastator leisurely cruised though the emptiness of space like a great predator, searching for those who would resist the mighty Emperor. On her bridge the mighty Darth Vader stood. His dark figure demanded esteem or terror. Beneath the helmet he could hear his repertory assisted breathing. Darkness penetrated him, consumed him. Few were over him, he was in control. The dark lord gazed into the void of space, it would soon be his. The Rebel blockade-runner Fisto’s Fury moved through the swirling sphere of hyperspace. Its class 2 hyperdrive was considerably slow. In a small cubical onboard a Togruta Jedi, the last of her kind sat on the small cot in the corner of the small space. Everyone she had known was gone, dead at Vader’s hand. The lightsaber at her side was the only thing other then her robes that signified she belonged the ever dwindling Order. She stooped her head allowing her head-tails to fall slightly forward. They had grown radically since she last saw Anakin… Anakin. The though of her fallen Master worsened the already raw reality that bounty hunters were killing what Jedi survived. She herself had gone into hiding almost without more ado. She clenched a second lightsaber in her fist, it had belonged to someone vary close, killed by Vader so many years ago. She longed for the day when her fallen Master would see the light and tear down this oppressing emperor whose rule she was strained to hide from. The door slid open with a hiss. A human male stood in its frame, it was the captain. “We’ve found Devastator.”
He said to her. She rose and clipped the graceful weapon next to her own, then fallowed him to the bridge. The distinctive structure of a blockade-runner emerged from hyperspace directly in front of Devastator; the larger Imperial Class 1 star Destroyer dwarfed the smaller capital ship. Ahsoka stood on Fisto’s Fury’s bridge with the ships captain. She gazed at the behemoth ship, they were outgunned. She could sense her former master on the ship; he was there somewhere, burred beneath warped rage and pain.
“Move her forward, slowly captain.”
She said. The captain did so, trusting her guidance. The blockade-runner began to edge forward. This was too easy. Vader thought to himself. Captain Wermis appeared next to him. “Sir, their preparing to dock with us, should we open fire?” Vader disregarded the captain, and then finally answered him. “Give the order on my signal.” Vader said in a deep baritone. The dark haired man coward away from the dark lord, fearing he would summon the illusive Force to contract his throat again. Time passed at a snail's pace. Vader was about to give the order to annilalate the spirited blockade-runner and its crew when he detected another Force sensitive onboard the small craft. He knew her. Whey had she come to him? The dark lord stood there, he never gave the order to fire. The space between the two ships lessened. Ahsoka knew Anakin must have felt her in the Force; they had already passed the point of no return. Fisto’s Fury shuttered as she docked with the larger ship.
“Are you sure you can do this?”
He asked the Jedi with unease. Ahsoka took the hood of her cloak and threw it over her head. “Trust me.” She said from underneath the cowl. Onboard Devastator, stormtroopers sealed in battle armor with faces hidden away beneath helmets rushed to meet whoever might invade their ship. Lord Vader had given firm orders not to fire but to cover whoever boards Devastator; they were in no position to defy direct orders. Stormtroop
“I’ve come Master.”
She said, her voice must have moved him. Vader remained planted. His next words tor her apart.
“I’m not your master anymore, youngling.”
She bowed her head and threw back the hood.
“Look at me.”
She said. Vader hesitated then faced the young woman. It was not the wholehearted Padawan he had neglected so many years ago. She was in her early twenties now, with head-tails that fell to her mid-section, her facial appearance had changed little since her time in the Clone Wars. Her adult figure closely resembled an additional Togruta Jedi known as Shaak Ti. He turned away almost imminently. She knew when he was wrestling with something. There was nothing she could do for him. She once again buried her face beneath the cowl then turned to leave; before she did she said her final farewell. “I’m sorry Anakin.” With that she left Vader alone with his feelings, hopefully her actions weren’t in vein. She returned to the Fisto’s Fury felling as if she accomplished nothing. The blockade-runner separated and jumped to hyperspace once it could. Vader stood there. Whey had she come out of hiding just to try and speak to him, did she really care that much about him? He dismissed the sentiment and called for captain Wermis. The captain was next to him in a few minutes. “Yes, sir.” “Start tracking that blockade-runner, I want its name and number as soon as possible.” With that he left to fulfill the dark lords’ request, foolish girl.
ers lined either side of the docking port, ready to meet whoever set foot inside the ship. Darkness lingered in the long stretch of hall. The airlock hissed open. A slender feminine figure wrapped in dark tan rodes, her face obscured beneath her cloaks cowl stepped from the blockade-runner. She walked down the stretch of hall, stormtroopers fallowing her with their blasters all the way. Vader stood on the bridge, facing the void of space. The door behind him hissed open. He didn’t move, he knew who it was. From beneath the cowl Ahsoka saw Anakin standing with his back to her. She was still his Padawan at heart.

-Joshua Yoder-

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