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Clone Wars: Season III, Recap

Season Three has come to a close. In hind site it's been a good Season, there were a few weird episodes, mainly during the first half of the Season. I can't wait to find out what's waiting for use in the Fourth Season.

   Clone Cadets  

This was an awesome episode, and a great way to go into the Season. Great storyline, great cast. I was particularly fond of Bric, I wish they would have explained his sourness a little more. The introduction to one 99 showed us that not all clones ended up on the battlefield, he was a very unique clone in my opinion, and a mentor for Heavy. It was good to see Heavy again with his iconic rotary blaster; I'm sure everyone remembers his cry from "Rookies". I was pleased with the introduction of the Togruta known as Shaak Ti, she presented herself as calm and well versed; the conflict between her and Bric was very compelling. In the end the members of the Domino Squad are elevated to the rank of Arc Troopers, and Bric, believe it or not, helped them achieve their goal while trying to destroy it.
I love this episode and Dave and crew did a superb job with the animation, music, etc.


  Arc Troopers

Another superb episode. Arc Troopers was clone action non stop. Considering I'm more of a Jedi fan, this episode blew us out of the water. The Aqua Droids were an exultant addition, almost like the commando droids introduced to us back in "Rookies". Among the casualties was 99, he fought, and died, a true soldier. There were several epic duels in this episode; Anakin's fight with Ventress was very well done; and the same can be said about Obi-Wan's fight with General Greivous. They were some of the best duels in my opinion. The visuals were truly stunning.

Supply Lines

I wasn't all that fond of "Supply Lines" to be honest. We were introduced to clone Captain Kelli, and Jedi Master Di (both of which are killed at the end of the episode). The plot wasn't all that intriguing, and I'm sure the fact that Jar-jar Binks was involved in galactic politics didn't please a few fans. I found this episode a bad mixer of politics and war, and while the two are bond together in a sense, it wasn't really the best episode in my opinion. I don't want to say they did a horrible job, 'cause really they didn't. I will point out that they passed up a chance to expand upon Numa, a little blue skinned Tweli'k girl, first seem in the Season One episode "Innocence of Ryloth". As far as Jar-jar and politics, not the best combination.

Sphere of Influence
You'll remember Greedo from ANH; this episode integrated him into the Clone Wars. And it really was him, and not his father as some of you may have assumed; I just wanted to clear up that fact to avoid any confusion. And while not directly visited, we did get to see glimpses of Pandoria. And speaking of the Pandorians, the Pandorian senator briefly glimpsed in ROTS was also in this episode. The plot revolved around his daughters being kidnapped and help hostage by the Trade Federation. This was a good episode. I enjoyed watching Ahsoka and Chuchi sneak around the Federation blockade. The shadowy halls there were very resembling to the Death Star. All in all, a good kid friendly episode with a slight OT feel.


Corruption was by far the worst excuse of a Clone Wars episode. I'm sorry, the plot was very bland, and revolved around children and poisoned tea. If this was meant to feel like a mystery story it sure didn't. And while it showed the level of corruption on Mandalor, it did so in a very underwhelming way. It also presented a very brief moment of "action" at the end; and that couldn't make up for the dullness of the plot. There were no Jedi, and hardly any blaster fire. This episodes sits with "Senate Spy","Senate Murder", and the "Mandalor Arc" of Season Two. If I offended anyone I'm sorry.


This episode follows "Corruption". This was a cool episode. We got to see Ahsoka in a teacher role, you might say the student became the master, in a sense. There were some action filled scenes, it was an improvident from the dullness in the previous episode. The very end was very suspenseful, and I felt as if Ahsoka, and Satine were in real danger. In the end everything worked out. This episode held an air of suspense "Corruption" never had. A few of the students under Ahsoka's tutelage were, Korky, and Lagos.


I was particularly fond of "Assassin"; the internal conflict Ahsoka was faced with was really intriguing to me. Her visions harked back to Anakin's nightmares towards Padam`e in ROTS. Padm`e was very much a mother figure to Ahsoka in this episode, I enjoyed the scene with them playing "chess" on the senator's yacht, a very intimate moment, and very well done. They did an exultant job on this episode. And while it lacked the heart pumping clones vs. droids conflicts all of us Clone Wars fans crave, it didn't really need it; and confinsated very well with Ahsoka questioning her visions reliability. Another scene I enjoyed was Ahsoka and Padm`e on the balcony on Alderaan, very well done indeed.

Evil Plans

Evil Plans indeed. This was one story that didn't need to be told. In all, it was dull and uneventful. Yet another EPIC FAIL on behalf of the guys at Skywalker Ranch. I'm sorry, this wasn't a good episode.

Hunt for Zirro

This episode was truly alien. For starters they touched on the intimate relationship between the slime Hutt known as Zirro, and one Sy Snootles (who I believe made an appearance in ROTJ). Being set on the Hutt's homeworld of Nal Hutta, a slimy swamp world, only added to the alien feel of things. The introduction of Quinlan Vos, from the EU, was very neat. I myself have not read very much EU so I can't compare him here to his appearance in the comic book, etch. And who could forget Mama the Hutt, a massive hutt, the mother to Zirro, she outsized Jabba by a parsec. this episode concluded with Sy killing Zirro, and Bane getting away.
Not one of my favorite episodes.

Heroes on Both Sides

Maybe it's Ahsoka and her character development in this episode that keeps me from hating this episode. And like the others before it, it was very underwhelming to say the least. Here we were introduced to a older, more matured Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker. Though never used in this episode Ahsoka wore a Shota short lightsaber. And while the plot lacked action, it still carried substance, or so I though. Being set on the Separatist capital planet of Rexus (of no relation to Rexus Prime from TFU), the planet felt like 17th century France which its Gothic architecture and vaulted ceilings. With such a setting this may as well have been set during the French Revolution. Towards the end of the episode there was a hint that Ahsoka may fall in love with Lux Bonteri, it is still uncertain what will become of their relationship.

Pursuit of Peace

This episode sits with "Senate Spy" and "Senate Murder", both from Season Two. This was, like its predecessors, another drawn out senate episode with minimal action. And while it did touch on the level of bankruptcy the Republic was going into, it was fairly uneventful. The only really satisfying scene was at the end of the episode were Palpatine shows his true self in a very sinister manner, a very well done scene. If only the episode it was attached to was more shadowy and foreboding.


I wasn't to fond of all the voodoo and spell casting in this episode, it gave me the shivers. Being set of the Nightsisters homeword of Dathomir, this episode focused more on the Sith, then the Jedi. And this episode probably had one of the best lightsaber duels in the whole series. That said, we learned a little about Ventress's past and the death of her Master. And while some minor details that were presented from her past conflict withed a little with the present canon, there really was nothing wrong with this episode, it was certainly better then any of the senate episodes.


A great episode. Picking up where "Nightsisters" left off this episode bordered on being rated as P-G. A lot of Zabraks were killed here, all in gruesome ways, this episode had intense hand-to-hand combat and superior animation. In the end the highly anticipated beast known as Savage Opress was "birthed", a true monster indeed.

Witches in the Mist

The conclusion to the "Nightsisters Trilogy", this episode rocked. Believe it or not, I was scared for Ventress for a split second. While the title may be a little misleading the episode was great.
plenty of lightsaber action. The team did an exulant job on this episode is every aria.


Going into this episode felt like a cross between the "Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek Next Generation". I found this episode very allegoric in nature as it presented the Son, a mix between Hamlet, Starkiller, and Palpatine, as the dark side of the binding Force; and the Daughter, a medieval looking young woman with glowing skin, as the light side of the Force; and the Father, a bearded only man who's face seems to be carved out of granite, as the balance between them. There were a few hints of the dark future ahead as Anakin, Ob-Wan, and Ahsoka all had their own visions. Obi-Wan's being of his old Master Qui-Gon, Anakin's being of his dead mother Shmi, and my favorite, Ahsoka's; which was a warning sent by an future version of herself with longer head-tails. This episode emphasized the Chosen One, and presented him as almost a Deni god. The Chosen One being Anakin himself.

Alter of Mortis

 This episode was dark through and through. Opening with Anakin having a nightmare about the Son on board their ship as they try to escape Mortis. There were plenty of references to "Lord of the Rings" in this episode, and also some hints to C.S Lewis's "Loin the Witch and the Wardrobe". By far the most unnerving thing about this episode was the dark Ahsoka, the team did an epic job with this warped and deluded version of her. With veins branching across her face, and head-tails, and yellow eyes she was a living nightmare. And her voice, and logic, were just as warped as her body.
I might also note that this was the first episode in which we see Ahsoka fight with her Shoto short lightsaber and her original one. The fight was truly intense, but it wasn't truly "Ahsoka" fighting.
One thing that would have made this episode better would have been is Ahsoka had been awake while under the Son's control, a kind of internal struggle while she's fighting Anakin and Obi-Wan. In the end the Son kills his puppet, Ahsoka, and the Daughter gives her life to save the life of the Father. As a last act of selflessness the Daughter breaths a last breath of life back into Ahsoka, reviving her. I wonder if we'll see signs of the Daughter in Ahsoka in later episodes, only time will tell.

Ghosts of Mortis

The last two episodes in this trilogy were extremely deep; this was no different. I liked this episode, although it as, in fact, rather weird. For one the Son revealed Anakin's future to him; and then the Father comes along later only to wipe it from his memory, what's the point? Here Anakin fall to the dark side, and he resembles Vader from ROTS. I think Ahsoka's goggles are the most memorable thing from this episode (pictured above).


Captain Tarkin and carbon freezing; it doesn't get anymore Star Wars then that. Both of which are in this episode. A clever mixture of New Trilogy and Original Trilogy, this episode was true blue Star Wars material, I loved it. Evan Peill was a great addition as well; the little man had the gruffness of a dwarf.


Rest in peace Echo. This was another action packed episode that I very much enjoyed. Other then Echo's passing, this episode rocked.

Citadel Rescue

A perfect conclusion to this epic trilogy.Truly cinematic. Evan's death was a tragic one, and some might say non-canon as well. Whatever your opinion it was still a great episode in all specters. The fact that Ahsoka's hand killed Osi Sobeck, the prison warden, was rather shocking to me, her first life to take.

Padawan Lost

Another one of my favorites. This was an epic episode. The animation was superb, and so was everything else. I love the setting of this episode, the character delevopment we see in the end with Ahsoka is amazing.


                                                                    Wookiee Hunt

This Season went out with a "Rwrrrrrawww", uttered from the lips of that classic Star Wars character Chewbacca. I loved this episode, great action and character development. All I can say is, well done Dave and crew, well done.

In the end I am left with a sense of aw. This has been a good Season for us fans. And I'm sure there will be many more adventures in store for us next Season. Yes there were certain flaws  towards the beginning of the Season, but I won't dwell on that. You can look foward to more episode reviews for the next Season, here, on "Padawan's Journal". Until then; may the Force be with you.

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  1. Wow. Thanks, this was really good. I haven't watched season 3 yet since in India they still to release it, so I'm downloading them via torrent. It was nice to get a preview of what I was missing and am soon gonna see....

    Sorta a spoiler but still loved it.


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