Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Wookiee Hunt" Reveiw

I don't know where to start. I loved everything about "Wookiee Hunt".  Chewbacca was animated superbly, and his signature growls and groans that we all remember from ANH and ESB were reproduced flawlessly.
I enjoyed watching him interact with Ahsoka.
There were very many action sequences, and and a lot of hand-to-claw combat in this episode. All of it was done flawlessly.
The fight between Ahsoka and the head Trandoshan on the lizard's mother ship was perhaps the best fight scene to date, very, very intense, and very well done. I love Ahsoka's words; "Your son died because of your own actions." this almost seems to foreshadow a possible fate for her, if you could compare the unfortunate Dar to Ahsoka, and the boss lizard to Anakin. The fact that the lizards wanted the Jedi Padawans as trophies only added to the suspense and weight of the episode.
I loved the end of this episode with Anakin and Ahsoka. Anakin revealed his own weakness, and his inability to let go of people. Here, Ahsoka became the teacher to him. I loved the dialogue between Master and Padawan; "I don't know what to say." "I do. Thank you." A very touching moment.
Ahsoka is growing into a very nice, strong, young woman, and her growth, for me, is the focal point of the series. When I look back to her introduction in the Clone Wars movie, to Anakin's encouragements in "Storm over Ryloth", she's grown so much since then.
Ahsoka is truly a rose among thorns.
I noticed the classic Star Wars Original Trilogy opening was played during Chewie's introduction, very well done.
The opening for this episode was very well done as well, as was the whole episode.

This was a milestone for Ahsoka. A coming of age story where she was taken out from under her Master's wing, and placed in an environment were she was forced to choose her own path, and her make her own choices. This is essential, and what she has learned here will no doubt affect her choices later in life.
This is one of my all time favorite episodes for that reason.

"The hotter the kiln, the stronger the iron." This experience has strengthened both Anakin and Ahsoka's relationship even more, and their bond has grown even tighter. And I'm sure this bond will continue to tighten with proceeding adventures in Season Four.

I was very pleased with how well Ahsoka lead O'mer and Jinx against the Trandoshans. And their attack on the lizard dropship was a well thought out one. A true David and Goliath fight.

The omnipresent Force was heavily used by the Padawans here. Both as object manipulation, and the classic Jedi mind trick.

On a different note: The Padawan's Trandoshan captive's name was Spock, I found this interesting as Spock is the name of the iconic Vulcan in Star Trek. You might say this was an "illogical" move by the team at Skywalker Ranch.

The animation and setting for this episode were truly breath taking to say the least. The subtlest of details was not overlooked by the crew. Everything from dust particles in the air, to the dirtied faces and bodies of Ahsoka and her comrades.

All in all. This was an awesome episode, and a great way to close the Season. I highly anticipate Season Four. "Wookiee Hunt" has set one of the standards for a Clone Wars episode, with the animation getting better and better, and the stories becoming more intricate what's not to look foward to?
Until then. May the Force be with you.

                                                          -Joshua Yoder-


  1. you're right. This was also one of my favorite episodes of season 3. ( my best in my opinion was 'Altar of Mortis') The encounter that Ahsoka endevered probobly changed her life forever and she'll become a better Jedi from it. Awsome review.

  2. HarryP.+AhsokaT.123August 9, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    You're right. This was one of my favorite episodes of season 3(my favorite was 'Altar of Mortis'). The events that Ahsoka endevered probobly changed her life forever, and she will be a better Jedi because of it. Awesome Review!

  3. HarryP.+AhsokaT.123August 9, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    sorry about the anonymous comment before mine. my computer messed up. :(

  4. Chewbacca!!! So cool seeing him with Ahsoka. I thought they were going to keep him away from Anakin, the way they do with General Grievous. I liked the way Ahsoka & the younglings kept using the force to push & pull things, so much good fighting scenes even without their lightsabers! Lots of dead Trandoshans by the end of this episode. My favorite was the scene when their large ship started slowly spinning out of control & crashed.


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