Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Moment in Time

A thousand thoughts flourished in her mind, was this really happening? Was she really here, now? The twelve members of the Jedi Council surrounded her in a wide circle in the Hall of Knighthood, their faces solom.
Behind her stood her oldest known friend; Plo Koon, the Kel Dor's face was unreadable beneath his breath-mask and goggles.
The chamber was dark, but the Force told her she was among good company, a sliver of fear and excitement shot through her like lightning. She looked to Master Yoda, who stood before her, his aged features seemed youthful in the dim light.

One-by-one each Jedi Master on the Council ignited their emerald or blue blades, their song became a choir of perfect harmony.
No one spoke, she knelt on one knee before the humble Grand Master Yoda, her eyes closed in respect. I did it, I'm finally here. She thought.
She listened with alert ears as Yoda recited the ancient passages for the ceremony; then she jumped a little as the little man's Shoto severed the two shell Padawan-Braids from atop her sprouting head-tails. Her emotions spiked as they fell to the floor.

She slowly rose and looked to the braids that now laid at her feet; she felt bitter sweet seeing them there. She'd anticipated this day for as long as she could comprehend, and know it was complete.
She gathered the braids and exited the chamber in total silence.

She stirred, something within her told her it was morning. She sat up and worked the stiffness out of her limbs, as did she felt her head-tails, the Padawan-Braids still there, as they had always been. She gave a disappointed sigh, her Knighting Ceremony had gone with the night.
I will be a Jedi Knight some day, I know I will. She told herself as she gathered her lightsaber and Shoto and clipped them to her belt. The door to her small cubical hissed open and she left to face the many challenges of being a Padawan . . .

                                                                  THE END

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  1. Ha! I didn't think it was a dream till I read the ending! XD

    -Leia <3


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