Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Request

Setting: In the wake of the events on Wasskah.


Reality was slowly slipping away from her. She gasped for air, and couldn't find enough of it.
She looked into her friend's face, that looked back at hers', the worry there evident. With the last of her failing strength she slipped a token to her comrade with the words;
"Take it,". In the short time the two had known each other, their friendship had blossomed, despite the crushing circumstances.
She lowered her head, and her spirit became on with the binding Force.

Ahsoka followed her Master into the hanger, as she walked she felt the Wookiee's gaze behind her.
"It's good to have you back, Ahsoka." Anakin said, she knew what he meant, a smile crossed her lips.
A delicate looking feminine Jedi arouched the pair from ahead.
"Kalifa, have you seen her? Is she safe?" She asked, the concern painted her features.
The pair stood silent for several minutes; finally Ahsoka said;
"She's gone. She was killed on Wasskah before the Wookiees rescued us."
The other Jedi's gaze fell, and silence overtook them. Ahsoka broke the quiet with;
"She . . . She gave me this before she died." The Togruta Padawan held out her palm, in it a small charm, carved from some exotic wood; and on it, carved with a rought knife, was the name Nava.
The token fell into the Jedi's hand,
"Thank you," She said, their eyes met for a brief moment, Anakin injected;
"C'mon Snips, let's get you cleaned up." and they walked on. A song of emotion welled in Ahsoka's chest as she watched Kalifa's Master embrace the last bit of her fallen Padawan . . .

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