Friday, November 25, 2011

"Kidnapped" Review

This was an awesome episode with high suspense moments and plenty of action; a true masterpiece even if it was based in a comic.

I've never seen so many Togruta at once and the Zygerrian slaver, Denar, Looked like a cross between the Hollywood werewolf and his accent reminded me of one Count Dracula. Denar's deadly pets seemed to re-enforcer his image as a classic archetypal villain. That and his little pet bird, in place of the cat, added a nice touch to the whole thing.

For the first time in the series we get to see Obi-Wan's hair actually move. Until now it's been nicely stationary since Season 1. And his fight with Denar in the central tower was a brutal hand-to-hand one.  The way they inter-cut between Obi-Wan and Anakin was masterfully done and made the episode that much better. (Just wish they'd done something like that back during "Shadow Warrior".)
On a side note: the tower resembled fully matured Togruta morals which they use for limited echolocation.

Denar gave mention to the Zygerrian slave empire of old. I'm not to familiar with this chapter of Galactic history but, from the episode, I get the gist of it all. 

Anakin's brash, almost Sith like, actions gave hint to his dark future as he confronted the slaver. And his Padawan, Ahsoka, held well against the droid onslaught and proved herself once again to be a mighty warrior.

In all it was an awesome episode with spectacular animation and masterful editing and I can't wait for next week's adventure!


  1. I like your views on this episode but, I wasn't impressed with Kidnapped.

    Read my full review here-

  2. I agree about Denar's bird! It was a great touch! And kudos on knowing his name, I just called him the "slaver" in my review lol.

  3. I agree the episode was awesome! I really like Zygerrian slaver with his bird he looked just like Blofeld from the James Bond movies.

    P.S. I follow your blog.

  4. I had the same thoughts about the Hollywood werewolf! Loved Kenobi's hair as well. lol.

    Torgutans don't call them Lekku?

  5. OneofakingKnight, The top of is called monotrals and the bottom is lekku, like a twi'lek :)


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