Friday, November 4, 2011

"The General" Review

Like "Darkness of Umbara" before it "The General" was an action packed episode full of tensions between Rex and Krell. This was a truly spectacular episode full of mind blowing epic explosions and enough action to satisfy any Star Wars fan.

The giant centipede like tanks and walkers used against the clones were true feats of engineering sporting an array of multiple cannons that cover the battlefield at a full 360 degree angle. From start to finish there was nothing but all out action and explosions. And in the middle of this conflict they were able to so friction between Rex and Krell.

I was a bit surprised when clone trooper Appo made a brief appearance. There were some awesome shots in this episode; my favorite being when the camera closed in on Krell's eye with the reflection of flames burning in the iris before transitioning to the next scene.
The episode had good resolve leaving the physical battle won but the war between Krell and Rex long from over.

I thought the interface between Fives and Hard Case, when they were sneaking into the base, lightened the overall tension o the episode a bit. In all this is my favorite episode in this arc and I can't wait until next week's episode which has the potential to top this one threefold.

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