Friday, December 2, 2011

"Slaves of the Republic" Review

While this episode started out slow it carried echos of Luke's plan, in ROTJ, to free the carbon frozen Han from Jabba's palace. I like how the Jedi had their lightsabers concealed in R2. It was a nice homage to the final episode of the Star Wars Saga. 

The Zygerrian culture, with its slave markets and alpha predator mentality, reminds me of the Egyptian and Persian empires both of which thrived on slave labor. The Zygerrian queen reminded me of the Biblical feminine fatal Delilah who seduced the mighty Samson. In fact her Zygerrian counterpart did much the same thing to Anakin.

By the end of this episode the stakes had been raised and our hero, Anakin, was caught in a conundrum. With Obi-Wan and Ahsoka practically slaves he's forced to be the queen's bodyguard; and if he doesn't comply it's his friends who will pay.
I liked seeing Ahsoka Force nudge her soon to be slave master over the edge, however, once he reclaimed himself he activated a shock collar around her neck. Not a pretty sight.

I really liked Ahsoka's slave outfit of flowing blue silks and semi-precious stones. Her small head-dress dress was also a very elegant piece.

The Zygerrians used what appeared to be lightwhips. I don't think these were necessarily that. I, personally, think the whip part was made of conductive nanofiber that could rapidly retreat into the small handle.  

In all it was a good episode. The only downside is now we have to wait a whole five weeks for the rest of this arc and the next episode. So . . . Until then.


  1. I don't think that Anakin was necessarily "seduced", just outplayed.

  2. is it just me or did anakin do the luke saltue from return of jedi in this one? remeber luke salutes r2 and the lightsaber pops out. :)

  3. I also agree with Chris.
    Nicely written blog anyway :)
    This is also like what I thought. The episode is like a shadow of ROTJ. Maybe that's where R2 got the idea


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