Friday, January 6, 2012

"Escape from Kadavo" Review

This was an awesome conclusion to the "Slavers Arc". Maybe a little slow at first but still good.

The slave processing plant on the sinister Kadavo, I thought, carried echoes of the underbelly of ancient Roman baths with the furnaces and eerie red lighting. That was possibly the most horrific set concocted by the Clone Wars crew.

The operation to rescue the Togruta slaves was totally awesome even though Plo and the Wolfpack were once again rescuing the main cast.

The death of the Zygerrian Queen at Dooku's hand was rather intense and, in the end, she realized that even she did not hold all the power. Despite her position as an antagonist her death still struck an emotional note for me.

The action in this episode was really epic and not at all hollow. The lives of innocent people hung in the balance and kept the suspense high and on edge.  I wish they would have included a subplot about one of the Togruta colonists; it would have added that much more suspense to this awesome arc.

When the aged Togruta governor asked to have a private conversation with Ahsoka I was half expecting him to tell her she resembled his long lost daughter or something of that nature. I was a little disappointing when he didn't.   

While this arc had nothing on Umbara it was still awesome, I'd say, slightly above average I can't wait for next week's episode. Until then thanks for reading.


  1. I added a link to your review in my review of the episode. As a second option. Is that OK?



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