Friday, January 13, 2012

"A Friend in Need" Review.

This was an awesome episode I have no doubt about that in my mind.

We got a look into the inner workings of the sinister Death Watch. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ahsoka and Lux in this episode and their relationship has really blossomed since their first meeting back in "Heroes on Both Sides". Lux's desire to avenge his Mother's death was a driving force for him here and it pushed him to trust anyone who might be able to help him--even terrorists.
The serine, snowy, planet of the Mandolorians was the perfect setting for this episode.

This episode also deepened Ahsoka's character as well and the scene where Pre was about to execute her was done spectacularly. And her escape, with the help of R2 and some reluctant droids, was also extremely well done.

I held my breath when Lux kissed Ahsoka to conceal her babbling about his plans. A ploy I've seen appear a few times.

Bo Katan. Pre's second in command. Like Boba in the Original Trilogy we don't know must about her and we didn't even get to see her face.

The climax of the episode, I thought, was the fight between Pre and Ahsoka. That girl has some mad lightsaber skills.

The local people the Mandos kept as sub-servants reminded me of the nomadic Huns from the Alps and they practically grew out of the environment. The scene where the Mandos , in tyrannical manner, burn the local's village and Ahsoka is forced to reveal that she's a Jedi was probably my favorite scene in this whole episode. The contrast of the fire against the slowly falling snow was breathtaking.

In the end this was a well orchestrated episode with plenty of complications and plot twists. I can't wait  to see next week's episode.


  1. Great review :)
    This is Solace Utara, but I just don't wanna log in right now :P

  2. also want to c the next episode and i have a vid. that i found on youtube that has some parts and i love it its like a tribute to this this episode so look me up and find me on facebook i am delaney carew so just look for the vid.


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