Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cold Credits

The air was heavy with the stench of sweat and blood as Cad's intense red eyes peered into the dead gaze of an Imperial officer; his plain grey uniform stained red by his own blood.
The Duros placed his pistol back in its holster at his hip and looked coldly to his partner; a rather stout man with a blank stare and a head wrapped in white cloth as if it were covering some deep wound, in fact, the wounds were beyond skin deep.
"Come on. We've got a job to do." Bane said to his partner in his rasping voice as he moved to complete the mission.
"Not until you cut me in on the pay, you slimy Neimoidian." Dengar said reading his blaster rifle.
Bane stopped dead in his tracks and slowly faced the man, a new kind of red burning in his lidless eyes.
"What did you call me?" He said as his hand slid towards his pistol.
"That's right." Dengar continued undaunted by Bane's sudden turn on him.
"You're a slimy, low down, Neimoidian coward," At that moment something primal snapped in Bane and he whipped out his pistol and squeezed off two shots but not before Dengar was on top of him with a drawn vibroblade.
Dengar sliced the weapon from Bane's hand and cut the pistol on his opposite hip as well.
Bane looked to his dismantled weapons and then to Dengar saying; "Oh, you don't want to be doing that boy." With that he delivered a devastating blow to Dengar's nose causing it to explode with blood.
With inhuman efficiency he recovered and began twisting the alien's wrist the wrong way only to have an electric jolt pulse through his body. He dropped the vibroblade and collapsed to his knees.
Bane recovered one of his pistols and placed his muzzle to Dengar's forehead.
"Now." He said. "I'll be keeping my credits if it's alright with you."
Seeing no sign of dissent he placed the weapon in his good holster and recovered its twin. He looked to Dengar with cold eyes.
"On your feet. We need to recover those stolen plans from Alderaan's senator."

                                                     -THE END-


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