Monday, February 21, 2011

Double Take

Recentely I watched the "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" movie and I noticed somethings that mirrored Star Wars. The following below are some of the things that particarly stuck out to me . . . enjoy =)

First of all we have Frodo's sword that glows blue when Orcs are near, pretty cool!!

And when it glows blue it looks like Luke's first lightsaber from ANH

Does this face look familar to you? It should it's none other then Christopher Lee


Aka Count Dooku

And speaking of wizards, Gandalf here reminds me of one of my favorite Jedi in the Clone Wars

Ok . . . Minus the breath mask and goggles and overall alien apprence Plo Koon is very wise like his LOTR counterpart.

Remember this thing? It killed Gandalf, it also has a twin in the Clone Wars

Ahh, General Grievous's pet that Kit Fisto killed in "Liar of Grievous" back in Season One. See the resemblence?

And while we're talking about monsters remember the rancor from ROTJ?

And once again we see striking simailarites!!!!!!

                                  And here's a comparison shot made by my friend at Gleemo Blog.

Thanks for letting me share what I've found. May the Force be with you!!

-Joshua Yoder-


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